'I don't see anyone who can beat Trump:' Bruce Springsteen believes Trump will win a second term in the White House because the Democrats don't 'have an obvious, effective presidential candidate'



That's what Trump wants you to believe but, there were eight quarters of growth of at least 3%, including three of 4% or better, and the highest GDP growth of Obama's presidency was during the third quarter of 2014, when it hit 5.2%. https://disq.us/url?url=h...p;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://thehill.com/homenew" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://thehill.com/homen...ill.com/homenew... This all while recovering from a massive recession and major layoffs.

And Trump didn't get his 3% economic growth target for 2017. This happened during huge economic growth and massive hiring. So it's a zero for Trump's first year. GDP will be hitting the skids in 2019 with less than stellar importing costs going directly to the consumers.

Well his words were his word, you can say he didn't really mean it if you want, but it spoke to identity in several ways.

Many interpret it that way, and America First has a long history in protecting identity and culture.

Not saying we should not protect our borders or use "extreme vetting" when it comes to those who come to our country. But I watched Trump's campaign, he through lots of things up and then ran with what stuck until maybe he stepped a little too far, and they he had to real it back and blame the media for quoting him. lol

'I don't see anyone who can beat Trump:' Bruce Springsteen believes Trump will win a second term in the White House because the Democrats don't 'have an obvious, effective presidential candidate'

Can you please point out what in this statement Trump would disagree with?

"I don't see anyone who can beat Trump": Trump has said these exact words.

"Trump will win a second term in the White House because the Democrats don't 'have an obvious, effective presidential candidate": Again I have heard Trump, as well as every republican pundit say this very thing.

So yes, he disagrees with Trump, on pretty much everything, but this specific point he is making is something that they both agree on.

While I DEFINITELY believe Trump can win a second term (and even if he loses, it will be a close election, IMHO), we need to remember that he ran in 2016 against Hillary, who was just as polarizing and hated as he was. And we should take some solace in the 2018 midterm elections, particularly as they played out in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (states Trump won by a COMBINED total of roughly 80,000 votes). I have friends in two of those states who voted for Trump because they hated Hillary and figured: "why not?"...they liked that he had no political experience. They feel differently now.

Wonder what Mr Springsteen meant when he said "'Speak the same language' as Trump"?

We don't need anyone in office that speaks the same as Trump and I say that from the standpoint of a lifelong Republican. Trump speaks without thinking, or thinking effectively. Trump speaks in childish responses. Trump speaks from his ego.

I hope that Mr. Springsteen is NOT looking for a Dem that will act in the same poor standards as Trump.

If any 'moderate', from either party, can keep from being shouted into oblivion by the far Right or far Left, they stand a great chance of winning. I think people are beginning to tire of always being angry and hate filled. How hard is it to get someone elected that wants to represent America. Not Progressive America. Not Alt Right America. Represent the vast majority in the middle.


Whoa! that IS scary! : mass 3rd & 4th world immigration to the 1st world.

AND that has had much to do w/ the rise of, AND THE ELECTORAL VICTORIES of DT, AND numerous anti-immigrant and anti-islamization parties in Euro,

aka populists, nationalists, the right, the far right:

http://disq.us/url?url=ht...p;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="http://tinyurl.com/p8gd6lc" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >http://tinyurl.com/p8gd6lc">http://tinyurl.com/p8gd6lc International Business Times.

Elections: Anti-immigrant
wave sweeps Europe, May 2014 --

.“…shockwaves throughout Europe…”

.“…a political earthquake in France…" -- French PM, Manuel Valls;

."…a shock on a global scale…" -- French
ecology minister, Segolene Royale.

.‘…countries across Europe have turned to extremist and anti European Union parties.’

.‘ The National Front in France led by Ms. Marine Le Pen has
taken its largest share of the vote in its 40-year history, 25%. ’

.‘French President Hollande's Socialist Party was edged into
third place w/ just 13% of the vote.’

‘The anti-immigration National Front has pledged to
drastically cut immigration,

.‘and reduce the influence of Islam.’



Yeah, but Obama started out with receiving the most votes ever by any presidential candidate and more than double the electoral votes of his opponent. His popularity decreased slightly for 2012.

Trump started in the hole, getting FEWER votes than his opponent and one of the smallest electoral margins in US history. His popularity has decreased significantly since then.

2 years in the states that helped him pull off the upset are shifting left, and he's much less popular than he was when he only got 46% of the vote.

The most likely scenario is that he isn't going to run at all though.

Bruce Springsteen believes that President Donald Trump will win a second term in the White House.

'I don't see anyone out there at the moment... the man who can beat Trump, or the woman who can beat Trump,' the rocker told The Sunday Times Magazine.

Springsteen, who is a long-standing Democrat himself, said the political party doesn't 'have an obvious, effective presidential candidate' who can 'speak the same language' as Trump.

The iconic Born to Run singer went on to talk about the 'life-changing, upsetting occurrences' that have caused division in the United States.

During his interview, Springsteen, who in the past campaigned for former president Barack Obama and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, said that there are a lot of reasons people 'became Trump voters'.

"According to media reports this week, the FBI did indeed “wiretap" Trump...." IF those reports are "accurate."

"There is no evidence to support President Donald Trump's claim that
President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Justice Department said." https://disq.us/url?url=h...p;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://www.politico.com/st" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://www.politico.com/...politico.com/st... Trump has never produced any evidence to back up the explosive claim, which he made on Twitter
https://disq.us/url?url=h...p;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://www.politifact.com/" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://www.politifact.co...politifact.com/...
https://disq.us/url?url=h...p;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://www.reuters.com/art" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://www.reuters.com/a...reuters.com/art...

US investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election because of his conversations with Russians and his ties to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election appears to be reasons for the wiretaps of Manafort.


Okay, you don't seem to get it, and obviously you are as willing to making a mistake as your president is. So on that note you are right Hudson, you are so right.

You still seem to miss the point that it had nothing to do with Bruce or the statement that was made, and much more to do with a conservative leaning individual that started a post that was referencing a celebrity and their opinion on politics. In the past all conservatives have been telling Hollywood types to shut up and stay out of politics because their opinions didn't matter, and then they start a post that was pointing out that even people that are against Trump are saying that he is going to win in 2020.

But again, never mind because you are right, as always.