Trump says China to "reduce and remove" tariffs on U.S.-made cars


Make life better for the American people?
Due to his tariffs, prices of things metal are going up with, for example, the beer industry alone adding $347 million to their costs in 2019. Aluminum is now 21% of the cost of a can of beer; the next highest cost is 9% for grains.
These price increases reflect in inflation. Higher inflation causes the Fed to raise rates.
Higher rates means that borrowing money to invest or expand becomes more expensive thus putting a brake on investment and expansion thus limiting job growth.
As the cost of money rises, non-mortgage loans such as credit card debt become more expensive. With more income going to pay off loans and credit cards, consumer demand falls.
When consumer demand falls, output reduces to compensate. Reduced output means more jobs are lost.
Yessir, Trump making America great again.

If world price tripled we could sell a great deal to other country's.

Thing is they could not triple the price here just because they could sell it at triple the price there because they have no means to ship it all to them even if they where willing to buy it all.

Our producers could only raise the price here enough t offset the shortage that suddenly shipping a lot to other country's would entail.

If they tried we would have people screaming price gouging.

It takes time to raise and lower prices unless we have a major storm in Texas oil refineries.

As leftist, I am more than glad that the "Trade war" seems to be calming down. It hurts everyone. I am glad and commend Trump if his administration is able to make a better deals for American companies with China, which would potentially increase sales n china and create more demand for American made products --hopefuly increasing jobs.

It says that China will reduce car tariffs, phased in over time. When Trump imposed 25% tariffs on imported cars from China, China responded by increasing tarries on American cars up to 40% and decreasing tariffs on trading patterns to just 15%.

Trump has said China will reduce, and remove tariffs. I am hopeful that it means that there is free trade on cars between the US and China and not tariffs are imposed. Im afraid that it just might mean that China will reduce tariffs to Americans cars down to 15% to be equal to the other trading partner.

The administration has said that the next 90 days they will negotiate, and if a deal is not reached then the US tariffs will increase on Chinese products.

I hope that we are able to negotiate better term deals, and its not a face-saving thing like when John F Kennedy successfully stopped the Soviet Union from setting up nuclear weapons in Cuba, as well as stop the advance of soviet subs. In the background, the US agreed to take away our missiles set up in Turkey.

The problem with any negation we do with China---is that China is continually growing as an economy, a military power, and it doesn't play by all the rules. They can continue to engage in corporate espionage, which they will deny, as the Japanese did except when they were caught. They can continue to use currency manipulation.