Corsi in the Crosshairs – Bill Binney Blows the Whistle on Robert Mueller and DOJ Corruption


Read the whole sheet all part of the same article.

I am saying, there is no proof against Trump that we have as yet, so how can you even claim "obstruction of justice". I am saying both Mueller and Comey committed crimes and framed people. That they have been attempting to do the same to Trump now for 15 months, that Mueller is a dirty cop, that Republicans did not support his appointment.

Neither did Time Magazine and a whole bunch of HONEST people, but if you read only the MSM, you can be forgiven for believing no-one objected:

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I repeat their own words: "Once in Intel, always in Intel". William Binney even says it is the case in the video, but I guess you know better than he does, because the arrogance of the leftist mentality in ignorance keeps on keeping on, no matter how outgunned

Mere words, mate. That's all you are peddling. Words, with no knowledge and nothing to back them. Claims of self-importance. Powder puffing. VIPS defies everything you claim. They formed for the express purpose of keeping in the loop and to whistle blow.

Watch the video, pack up your arrogance and while you're at it, put your dick away. It an't anything special. I've seen better crawl out of cheese. Instead, take your nation's crisis seriously, otherwise forfeit your right to vote. You don't deserve it..

Really? Who has proved that and on what basis? Trump actively prevented, derailed, instigated or took some action which has impeded dirty cop Mueller's investigation? Oh, Sure.

Oh, yeah that's right, he expressed a hope. A mere hope, that Comey could wrap up the whole thing on Flynn and see his way clear to dropping it. Not one FBI Agent who interviewed Flynn has agreed that they thought Flynn was lying. Trump knew that. Every one of them has said they didn't think Flynn lied at all. So how come he plead guilty?

Unlike Dr. Corsi, Flynn knows Mueller's reputation as "frame-up Fred". INfamous for it. The Steven Hatfill case the most notable - cost we taxpayers nearly $6 million in compensation. Hatfill sued the FBI for framing him and I'll give you one guess who was the FBI Director.

Unlike Dr. Corsi, Flynn knows if you take Mueller to court he "deep pockets" you with technical proceedings, until he bankrupts you. That is exactly what he will do to Dr. Corsi. Mueller should be in jail.

"Binney and his pals came up ThinThread, a piece of surveiilance software. Unfortunately, this would have been illegal to deploy at the time. The NSA instead went for a different proposal - Trailblazer. Binney left the NSA in 2001, the same year that ThinThread was canned. The deal for Trailblazer was signed in 2002. So the software that went into use was neither Binney's nor did Binney have any part in its creation. Trailblazer was also shut down in 2006, in part due to cost."

Hmmmm, this says otherwise, Dan. It also says that whether it's called ThinThread or Trailblazer doesn't matter because it all falls under PRISM.

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Bad try at disinfo and attempted obfuscation, Danny boy.

Are you and George, "mates"?


Exposing DOJ corruption is a foregoing and well known condition of the sort of Government we've bought into.
We were taught to do so since grade school.
How can we have allowed so few to rule and master so many, if democracy and equality were the genuine objectives of this country
"C'mon Man!!!"
We all know this...and allow it anyway. Why? Well we citizens are too busy buying bigger screen TV's and phones and gadgets that can help us deny our responsibilities to the society we are supposed to be involved with and even those familial or in proximity to us!!
We have lost "the personal"!!!
(Oh, no, I've said too much. I'm a pain in the ass that way! Sry.)

Ermmmm … PRISM was established in 2007 - so after both ThinThread and Trailblazer had been shut down. Moreover, PRISM is a completely different animal to either ThinThread or Trailblazer. It focuses on the collection of internet traffic from providers such as Microsoft, Google etc. ThinThread focussed on trawling the data coming in from telephony, fibreoptic cabling and other sources, but discarding any that didn't match its search algorithm. Any data that was retained was encrypted. Trailblazer didn't discard data and crucially didn't then apply encryption. The justification for the latter was that the program had authority from the president (George W Bush) removing that requirement. The closest equivalent to ThinThread was StellarWind which superceded Trailblazer. Snowden's files are only a partial reveal.

Their mates certainly don't keep them "in the loop." That's not how that works. I have plenty of mates still in the loop. We talk about the old days. Do you know what we don't discuss? Current events or even the details of the old days because those will still be classified by the time they retire, even if it is my own work I'd want to discuss. I don't even discuss it with my wife, or my brother-in-law, who is still "in the loop."

It isn't worth destroying one's career - AT BEST - or freedom just to keep a friend who decided to change careers or retire "in the loop."

Oh dear... we have been hitting the kool aid a bit hard... May I just offer a few corrections ? Binney and his pals came up ThinThread, a piece of surveiilance software. Unfortunately, this would have been illegal to deploy at the time. The NSA instead went for a different proposal - Trailblazer. Binney left the NSA in 2001, the same year that ThinThread was canned. The deal for Trailblazer was signed in 2002. So the software that went into use was neither Binney's nor did Binney have any part in its creation. Trailblazer was also shut down in 2006, in part due to cost.

You assert 'We all know it was Admiral Rogers, a white hat, who is now the head of NSA, who went secretly to Trump Tower 10 days after Trump won the election to warn the President elect that rogue Intelligence black hats were tapping into The Trump Tower and his campaign team's digital transmissions and phone conversations.' If this was a secret meeting, how do you know what the content was ? Who leaked the details ? How do you know the accuracy of the information ? You see, this is just another wild fake news story put about by those who love to dwell in conspiracy theories.

You compound the error by claiming that Trump '...had his security guys go over Air Force One and sweep it clean of all bugging devices' a) Trump did not have access to Airforce One as president elect. b) even if Trump did have access, he would not have been permitted to send civilian security staff to sweep it - he would have had a skeleton Secret Service detail assigned, but they would not have been given authorisation either.

You should climb out of the propaganda pages and take a new look at what you read. It seems not very much with any credibility at all.

I didn't say Rogers meeting with Trump 10 days after the election was a secret that was intended to remain a secret. As was reported, Rogers went to Trump Tower secretly - meaning without notifying the people whom he would normally notify, before making such an arrangement. AFTER he had achieved what he intended, the information was released to media and openly reported.

Seems to me you read all the wrong material. Genaro has nicely responded to your rubbish about Trailblazer and Thin Thread. It is indeed Binney's software that NSA uses to this day. There were walls and containments, which made it legal, but which Obama had removed so that the NSA database could be shared with other INTEL. Remember the stink about that?Obviously you don't.

I didn't say when Trump had his guys go over Air Force One, but go over it they did after Trump was inaugurated.. Google it. You could have done that on all of these dumb rebuttals before you made them. You are full of projections, presumptions and propagandist BS, looking to make arguments where there are none without making any effort to check beforehand. Dumber than dumb.


As I said. You have given up. That makes you a loser, an apathetic, pathetic being without hope. A life without hope crushes most people, except those without moral fibre or conscience.

It even makes you a deserter of those who are putting up the good fight, who are putting themselves out there in the front line, even at 72 years of age, like Dr. Corsi, so it has little to do with age and everything to do with moral compass.

I cannot sit on the sidelines and look the other way in all good conscience. No-one with a moral compass can. Dr. Corsi could have done what you have. Folded up in a heap. laid down and let them bully him, agreed to their terms, but he is made of sterner stuff, has integrity, guts, courage, a love of nation, a sense of nationalism and patriotism. Most of all he has self-respect.

The Marxist rhetoric has drummed any understanding of these fine qualities out of the American culture over the last two generations. They don't even understand them anymore. Christ tells us, that the good will be hated, maligned, ostracised and persecuted. It is still the good fight and that is all that matters.

Go and crawl back into your dark hole, thinking it protects you. It doesn't. I would rather die with my boots on. Your attitude is pathetic.