Cdl. Müller doubles down on link between clerical abuse crisis and homosexuality


Not having sex is against nature, I agree. But the whole idea of celibacy was/is a spiritual thing, giving up the desires of the flesh to serve god. The ones who could not do this should have got out of the priesthood and the church should have never covered for the ones who didn't and took advantage of the culture of looking the other way.

It doesn't matter what sex you desire, if they agreed not to have sex they shouldn't have and that's their fault, not the church's. They broke the church rules.

Then the church erred by covering up these things.

Years ago it was a 'safe' option for young teen boys who had were gay. Society deemed them 'queer', not right. The church demanded such as they were damned. Become a priest, no worries about getting married, and serve your god and the church. A wonderful place to hide and get rid of those 'sinful' urges. The priesthood doesn't 'make' a person gay. That's not how it works. Nobody can be 'made' gay.

Of course, none of that worked. But these tortured young boys didn't become child abusers. Some suffered in silence, and others carried on a secret life in the gay culture of those times. I wouldn't be surprised if some nuns were gay. My experience is that for some reason they seemed to attract girls with mental issues.