Trump Legal Team Makes Case to Prosecute Comey, Others for Lying After Cohen Guilty Plea


I don't need to read your mind. Your ideas gush out of you with your zest for higher taxes, more regulations, and fewer freedoms. I could care less about Republican or Democrat labels, you are what you are. As to your incredibly moving photo, General Michael Flynn had decades of service also. And your FBI heroes flushed his career down the toilet for "lying" about something that wasn't even a crime... even though the FBI agents that interviewed him didn't think he was even lying. All to bolster their effort to take down Trump. People like you thoroughly nauseate me. I couldn't stand Trump long before it was cool. But my God you people are pushing me into his corner.

Yeh, Mueller is great at those. Squawks about some vague crime, no investigative evidence, no Affidavits in support, no Police Reports, but nevertheless issues a Subpoena or calls a witness, asks them for their cell phones, PC's, files, life history drills and drills and drills them. Can't find a crime. Sets a perjury trap. VOILA! Found a crime. PERJURY!

Don't talk to me about tactics. Republicans simply want the REAL leakers, lyers and sycophantic criminals questioned and indicted.

Comey leaked confidential info' to the media via a mate. Now we know that the said memos of confidential conversations with the President were not extemporaneous notes filed as a record of conversations at all, but were reconstructions all written on the SAME DAY. He lied about that fact under oath at the Congressional Hearing.

So now he should be investigated for TWO crimes.

Yeah, I have read it in "off the record" reports, and it will look like exactly what you justifiably claim - a furphy. As I cannot reveal these off the record sources, I cannot defend that statement. Nevertheless, take it or leave it, like it or lump it, it is the information I have. Time will tell.

Just as it is also information that I have that the inside chatter is that Mueller will be jailed for his crimes involving Uranium One and the cover-up by him and others, surrounding that deal, as will Rosenstein as will Comey. That is what this whole Mueller circus is about, PROTECTING the criminals, protecting themselves and Clinton.

There is a heap of blackmail involved. Remember that Flynn knows where the bodies are buried. That is why he was the first target.

Remember where I work - in the Diplomatic Corps.

I am an American citizen, posted off-shore in the Diplomatic Corps. Have spent most of my working life off-shore in other English-speaking nations which spell it and say it as "Mum" or "Mummy". If you hear other language idioms often enough and long enough you soon adopt them. So shoot me.

Relevance to this issue? Petty, petulant, puerile, powder puffing. Grow up.

Robert Mueller's history in the FBI reads like a criminal record. Go do the research. He is a dirty cop and a murderer, known as "Frame-up Freddy". That's precisely why he was chosen for this job as Special Prosecutor. His reputation on the inside preceded him for this appointment. If only you knew.

Investigations evolve. Mueller was looking at how Russia interfered with the election. If he stumbled across the fact that the Russians tried to recruit Papadopoulos (strangely enough--they did), then he'd start investigating Papadopoulos. He'd get led to Carter Page. That might lead later in the investigation to Jared Kushner, Roger Stone and an interaction with Gucifer 2.0, (the admitted hacker of the DNC), Rex Tillerson’s dealings with Russian energy, Jeff Sessions' two meetings with a Russian diplomat that he failed to reveal under oath during his confirmation (later-"Oh. I forgot."), and Paul Manafort, Felix Satar, Wilber Ross and Alex Shnaider. And if you put them as spokes on a wheel, who would be at the hub? Who are they ALL connected to?

Mueller's investigation leaks like a sieve with carefully and strategically orchestrated leaks to "manage" the contrived and controlled narrative.

How is it there is so much chatter and noise about what he is up to? We should not have a clue whom he has interviewed, what evidence he relies on or who he is going after. It is a put up job to completely hijack the law, hijack the process and hijack public opinion. A railroading of public perceptions and thought processes to accept a scam.

The reality is that it is all a dog and pony show to remove political opponents from the arena, those who are threatening to or have the capacity to expose the DNC, the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, Bob Mueller, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Rosenstein and other lesser mortals for their crimes.

Mueller is the hired assassin, the purger, the cleaner the Grim Reaper. That's why I say he is Mumm'ys boy, hiding behind the law. Why don't they just line us all up and shoot us as "political criminals". That's what the Marxist fascists usually do.

Get it right dude. It was Comey who chose to elevate the memos to be part of "the record on file". Once any document becomes part of the FBI "record" it is automatically deemed as a classified FBI document.

His intentions are clear - to frame a President for obstruction of justice. That's why he made the notes, to supposedly have a "record" on file to be later used as "evidence" in any indictment or trial of Trump which he, Rosenstein and Mueller had already cooked up.

The plan to oust the President - treason - the purpose of Mueller's investigation, has already been exposed in Operation Cross-fire Hurricane, orchestrated by John Brennan. They will all go down for treason at Guantanamo Bay, before a Military Tribunal. Already set up.

When the grass is cut the snakes are revealed.

Okay, so you don't have a "dog in this fight." Then stop kicking the dogs that ARE in this fight. Comey is an honorable man and was a top cop at the FBI. Everything Comey did was for the United States, not for the government. Nothing was about a larger role for government. Right now, the government is handing me money on the front end (tax cut) and trying to pay for it but cutting off money from the back end (Social Security retirement, Medicare and Medicaid). The government is loosening regulations on dangerous insecticides and asbestos and telling me it boosts the economy. I'd say its role is already expanding. Looks like you lose with the rest of us.

Don't forget the guy who orchestrated Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the counter-intelligence coup to frame up Trump. That was John Brennan, former CIA Chief.

Boy! Did we ever see his venomous side when Trump removed his security clearance. Spewed pure venom over that and turned really nasty in his rhetoric against Trump. Obviously hit a nerve taking away his influence on the "inside".

Then there's James Clapper too. Both key figures behind this counter coup to take Trump down and Samantha Powers who enabled the unmaskings. All complicit in the ultimate goal - to get Warrants to spy on Trump and Trump Team to FIND a crime, but they came up empty, so had to fall back on a phony "dossier". Some "dossier".


The Russian lawyer has been exposed with having connections to Fusion GPS, having done work with them in the past. Nothing illegal happened there anyway. If it had Mueller would have indicted them.

The entire Crossfire Hurricane plot involved many players, all doing their bit to build a fake narrative to provide an appearance of collusion with Russia in the elections. Strzok and Page running the illegal counter-intelligence op under Bill Priestap - Crossfire Hurricane - all masterminded by the Communist John Brennan. The Russian lawyer was just another of the many stitched together seams in the plot.

Bruce Ohr the conduit to Steele, his wife the receiver at Fusion GPS.
Comey's contrived notes of convo's with the President, the fake "dossier" dressed up as "verified Intel" to get fraudulent Warrants to do all the spying and tapping. It is a web of iniquity and degenerative decadent arrogance, by a bunch of very immoral and evil beings.