Census Data: 63 Percent of Non-Citizens Use Welfare Programs



So the census stopped asking about citizenship decades ago. Questions of citizenship did exist in a long form questionnaire for certain years, but the statistic was never reliable because it didn't do an illegal alien any good to report himself as such. If you don't believe me, look at President Trump demanding that the citizenship question be reinstated in the next census. But somehow, miraculously, not only has the census shown these people are noncitizens but that on their forms, they admit to a felony: Identity theft. Because, without stealing someone's identity, you're guilty of welfare fraud (another felony) by saying you're a citizen when you're not. Either way, you're subject to deportation because you've admitted to one or more crimes. Hey--I'm illegal and I'm on welfare or Hey--I'm legal but I'm illegally getting welfare. And "welfare" by itself is such a wonderful word encompassing everything. So, if you were on a school lunch program as I was and only paid 35 cents (100 years ago), that would be considered "welfare."

they get abused and we (and the human traffickers) abuse them

My crews did not see tax-free cash pay as abuse. It wasn't in anybody's best interests to abuse anyone.

The abuse they complained of was from their own community, the culture that amnesty-seekers are running from.

In a cash society, it could be darned hard to make it home from work on the coast, and Americans weren't the problem.

In a smuggling endevour, it will be the fellow nationals abusing migrants, not Americans.

No mas.

Trump spurred the Latin-American leadership to do what they would not have done without his firm stance, confront the issues of governance that the protesters were protesting in the first place.

Businesses still hire illegals and have less taxes because of it.

It's getting harder.

Previously, large crowds of illegals would gather where contractors could hire them

When $10K fines, per worker, were instituted in Florida, those vanished.

E-verify is getting more widely used as well.

The black market labor business model is becoming as unsustainanle as the tax-cheat model.

Why is he lowering the quota numbers for LEGAL immigrants?

If you're referrimg to H-1B, the inflow of cheaper hi-tech is affecting American workers pay. This issue didn't originate with Trump and cuts across party lines.

What is originating with Trump in regards to reduction are programs for asylum, TPS, refugee and chain visas.

We demand reform, he's reforming, and IMO, doing it smartly.