UC Berkeley must pay $70k, and change policies to guarantee free speech for conservative speakers



No. Critical thinking remains part of the lower division curriculum and is required in order to graduate. College students tend to be what you think of as liberal because they;re optimistic and exploring life on their own, and generally have not faced much adversity. They also tend to think that if someone is exposed to the truth, i.e. mankind's contribution toward climate change, they will accept it. When I was in college in the 70's conservative dogma was that colleges are hotbeds of liberal thought, socialism, and even communism (those were the Nixon / Vietnam War years). The fact is that most students tried on these various viewpoints and adopted one of their own making.Since they didn't become conservatives, you automatically think they're all "liberals" and all think the same way. That's not how it is.

As this case went against the university, (they settled I guess) & for the free speech rights of American citizens who hold diverse opinions. Universities will be more likely to allow these speakers without using some flimsy excuse to cancel, & provide an adequate level of security to ensure the safety of all involved, instead of allowing leftist thugs to run roughshod over good Americans just for exercising their first amendment rights.
I guess though as these are state funded institutions they could just gamble with taxpayers money.
Although a $70K hit to a budget would get a provosts attention.

That you focused on that aspect of the story about the politics of this, just lends one to gain some insight into positioning

Why should the conservative viewpoint, which represents about 20% of the student population be given equal time? Conservatives are supposed to be against affirmative action. As the hypocrites they typically are, they're only against affirmative action when they are not the beneficiaries.
I can guarantee that conservative viewpoints are easy to obtain for students at UC, if they want to spend time learning about them. The problem is that conservatives are also typically evangelists for their cause, who lecture you even though you've shown no interest. There's a free speech area at most campuses; they can evangelize there all they want, along with the Bible thumpers and Communists.

Let me say this John, I have over six decades of living in, working in, & in the service of this great nation. I'm here to tell you & any one else who will listen, the greatest danger to the country is the leftist ideology that has crept in to the fabric of this nation over the last three to four decades. It is known as "socialism", "progressivism" the "democrat socialist party" & to an ever increasing extent "democrats".
The tactics used to facilitate the change they want is not the democratic process governed by the Constitution, but by judicial fiat, Cloward & Pliven, Saul Alinski, & violence.
Am I a Nationalist yes, I believe in America first, take care of our own then work with others for the rest as we can.
Am I a Nationalist? yes. In the regards that we are the best country ever, despite our warts as we work to right the wrongs of the past while acknowledging the greatness too.
Am I a Nationalist absolutely! A Nationalist who believes in the first Amendment allowing any who wish to express their view the ability to do so without fear of violence.
To save you from wasting time on disparaging me for being a nationalist.
My Hispanic wife & bi-racial children would argue that I'm not a white supremacist or a neo- naghtsi nor a mysoginist.
I do not want immigration based on color or religion or national origin I want the best & brightest from anywhere, I want THEM to assimilate to our culture quickly not the other way around I want them to be good, honest, healthy, people, able to jump in hitting the ground running not needing a handout from jumpstreet. We need people to pick the crops? Peachy that is what a guest worker program is for, picking crops is NOT an invitation to just come on over set up a homestead & bring the extended family & settle in.
Our economic system is based on free market capitalism not socialism, being wealthy is not a crime it should be an example for others to aspire too.
Granted we may be in the grand scheme of things 94% capitalism with 6% socialism for fire & police protection, schools, infrastructure, military that's fine I can cede 6% for a well ordered society.
Ah ya got me rambling now.
You a socialist, or anarchist? Those are not good.
For someone who places country first nationalist is Okay.
Do not try to take the narrative, it never ends well for leftists.

You should look around, liberal education is not what it was when I went to school in the sixties and seventies. If the school decides it doesn't someone who is going to tell the same lies as The Clown and more. I don't how anyone can support who lies to us daily along with bull shit like raking the forest to stop fires as HE SAID THEY DID THAT IN NORWAY. The thing is he doesn't stop this prevaricating, and add to it "I trust my gut more than any persons." The economy was gaining not in leaps and bounds but it was growing and it was almost brought to a stop by Trump. Trump is responsible and in charge of the debacle at GM. The man does not believe the CIA and other agencies in Europe who said the same thing The Crown Prince in the KSA had the dissident journalist killed in Turkey, Trump gave him a pass on the killing of a US resident lured to Turkey from here. Even our friends are turning away and the Trumpettes say we have more world respect, is unbelievable and I am not even going to get into Putin or draining the swamp when he stocks it with criminals who are being arrested, charged, plea deals, and cabinet members who are like wolves ripping the hen house apart in the EPA, coal industry on and on.
The twenty eighteen mid terms set the Trump debacle back and in twenty twenty Trumpettes will be hard to find and we will elect rational people. I think as continued service to the country by raking our nation's forests.
When I consider how hard or embarrassing it is for Trump supporters to even say to themselves how could I have believed that asshole and defended his hurting our image abroad. I would remove Trump bumper stickers and traces of my support be quiet and let that sleeping dog lie and kinda let it die and forget about it.