Climate Change Alarmism Is The World’s Leading Cause Of Hot Gas


Most climate scientist get paid to preach global warming. The ones that prove there is nothing out of the ordinary, are not funded.

The following are indisputable by your favorite climate scientist:

Human contributions are still less than 5% of the total green house gases contributed.

The earth has been both warmer and cooler than it is today.

Nuclear fusion is by far the best known answer for human energy needs. Wind and solar are a cruel jokes in comparison and are at best a band-aide solutions to a cancerous problem.

I have no dog in this fight and can look at the data and the facts objectively. I seek evidence and truth, not speculation and consensus. It's not cute, it's facts.

Stop being a parrot of the people who would enslave you, JP.

BTW: "anthropomorphic" is a big word for you, food boy!

Awwww, you believe the little comic drawn by others, can replace your own words?

The fact is, the above comic is all you have. You have no facts and no understanding of science to back up your argument.

You sell food for a living, you don't understand the complicated language or even the politics of science.

Here is a a fact for you.

If humans all moved to Mars tomorrow, and all human contribution to greenhouse gases were eliminated, it would only reduce the annual CO2 output by the planet by less than 5%.

The truth is, the earth itself by far, is the greatest contributor of green houses gases.

Your fellow libs want to tax the crap out of the ignorant masses (90%+ of the population is scientifically illiterate.) Taxes will not change nature.

The libs also do not wish solve the 'climate change problem '. If they did, there would be a huge focus on solving the nuclear fusion problem for energy generation.

Don't be duped by the dastardly, JP.

The GOP IS somehow collectively willing to bet our future on the SCIENCE OF SCOFF.
THE thrill of getting a " rise" out of people genuinely worried and an overwhelming science community that also see the danger.
Life with vaccines, and tech advances. Life with a volunteer army. Ample food and necessities. These things kind of make life seem automatic. It only takes a short time for people to percieved make believe safety.
Everyone recalls the Ten Commandments movie. Despite the plagues, turning the River to blood, the passover, pills of fire, Red Sea parting, it only took Charlton going on thr mountain for a few weeks before everyone forgot. WHAT A PERFECT STATEMENT about human nature.

the good news is the Trump people don't buy into the BS and bailed on Paris before they sucked 100s of Billions we don't have into this black hole do accomplish NOTHING

The real question is what can the US do? and the answer, confirmed by the Obama EPA chief , is nothing but pour 100s of billions we don’t have down the drain…the US is 15% of world CO2 and dropping. meanwhile China and India increase output and will thru 2030 ir later. the Paris agreement would have had the US pay 100s of Billions do accomplish essentially NOTHING…Fortunately trump pulled us out of that stupid agreement

“EPA Chief Admits Obama Regs Have No Measurable Climate Impact: ‘One one-hundredth of a degree?’ EPA Chief McCarthy defends regs as ‘enormously beneficial’ – Symbolic impact
Watch Obama EPA chief Gina McCarthy Testify to Congress: 'The value of this rule is not measured in that way.

CHAIRMAN SMITH: “Do you disagree with my one one-hundredth of a degree figure? Do you disagree with the one one-hundredth of a degree?”

ADMINISTRATOR MCCARTHY: “I’m not disagreeing that this action in and of itself will not make all the difference we need to address climate action, but what I’m saying is that if we don’t take action domestically we will never get started and we’ll never…”;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >