Bombshell: Exonerating Trump Evidence Uncovered in Cohen Docs, Mueller Kept It from Court: Investigative Report


Could it be because Mueller has been framing a fake case, which deliberately left out vital evidence, evidence he has concealed all along? Might just have a lot to do with it, dude. His nick name in the FBI is "Frame-Up Freddie", obviously for good reason.

Did you click on the link to the original article? It references Mueller's written submission to the Court. Documents don't lie, but it appears Mueller does.

So what now? What process happens next to bring Mueller to account? That will be very interesting. What this screams back at us is that Mueller has nothing on Trump and is so desperate, that he has resorted to breaking the law to "get his man". LOL!

Most of them a joke and would not stand up under challenge, as we are seeing of those already being challenged. So far of the two challenged, Mueller cannot even satisfy the requirements of document Discovery as ordered by the Court.

In other words, the "evidence" he relied upon is made up shit, but then he never expected a bunch of Ruskies to turn up in an American court to challenge him, given we have no extradition arrangement with Russia.

HA HA. Is worth following this case. It speaks volumes for Mueller's other 28 or so indictments. He is a numbers man, his tally of convictions he sees as trophies. He's a crook and not called "Frame-up Freddie" in the FBI for nothing.

Like I said. Of the top richest ten in Congress, the Democrats occupy the rankings from No. 3 straight through to No. 11.

Many, (including the RINOs like Graham, Collins, McConnell and others), made their wealth AFTER entering politics, particularly those elected to the Senate decades ago. Peddling influence over the decades? Sure they are. Bribed to sponsor Bills by the globalist crony-capitalists to feed into their Agenda? Sure they are.

Probably the most notable is the rise of Mr. Nobody Osama Hussein bin Obama.

Came into office with no business, no assets and no investments other than his private home. A clueless, no-idea business nobody. Leaves White House a multi-millionaire, as does his wife in her own right, as do both daughters, also millionaires in their own right. HUH?

How do you do that on a single Presidential salary in the short span of eight years? Yeah, pull the other one.

Nope. It is you who can't put aside your partisanship pussying. Look at the number of once so-called Republicans in there?

I don't give a shyte whether they are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or Calathumpians. I am sorely pained that those who take an Oath of Office to uphold the law have not only ignored that Oath, but knowingly and willfully fallen foul of the law themselves and failed to protect it.

They the guardians of the law for we the people, have corrupted it and not only failed to dispense justice but have executed very grave miscarriages of justice against Americans.

They have undermined the very fabric of all that is entrusted to them the safe-keeping of our rule of law, of honesty in government, honesty of government officials and protecting the American people from the tyranny of government. Instead they have politicised, then weaponised the law against the American people.

At their hands many lives have been ruined. Their is one face missing from that line up and it is Mueller's, also a self-appointed Republican.

There is no evidence to suggest it was Trump's desire. Everything suggests it was the desire of the company which Sater worked for, the idea prompted by Sater and instigated by Sater, his company to be the owners and builders of the building, having approached Trump for branding and promotional purposes of THEIR building. That's all.

It is clear from the evidence that Mueller has been sitting on, that Sater's company wanted to promote the building with high profile names - name-droppers. Why else would they want to brand it as "Trump" Tower? The idea of involving Putin and Trump at its opening, was also Sater's.

It is such a nothingburger. Even if Trump HAD built the bloody building, it would STILL not have been a crime.

Sater admitted the following under Oath:

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Witch Hunt came from Trump and is a very accurate description.

.. and for a witch hunt, Muller has already bagged quite a few witches.

Mueller broke the law with Rosenstein the minute Mueller was appointed. They both immediately violated the Fourth Amendment.

.. and for the almost 2 years since he was appointed, Trump and the DoJ that HE RUNS have done NOTHING. So, if we are to believe you, Trump is at best negligent for allowing this to continue or at worst complicent in a criminal act and has allowed an unconstitutional investigation (into himself) to continue for almost TWO YEARS!!!

Here's how bad this is for you: you have done more to offer up an impeachable offense against Trump than Mueller has so far!!!


That’s the point! Muler is not going where the evidence leads him. He is trying to prove a false narrative based on his own biased scenario convicted by ignorant Trump Haters. If he followed the evidence he would be chasing the corruption of the DOJ by democrats in the ObamRah administration. And that started with obro’s use of ‘executive priveledge’ during Fast&Furious, thru the nBengazhi hearings, and into the Trump campaign. How else can you explain Comey not confiscating Clinton’s Private Server That’s moment it was discovered, and allowing subpoenaed evidence to be destroyed, as well as all cell phones that may have emailed that server. Obstruction of justice, failure to archive, and the list of crimes Comey stated, yet no prosecution based on intent. She obviously had intent to hide it all, everything.
That is total corruption of the DOJ! Yet Muler hasn’t done anything about all those leads and pay for play and Russian collusion on the part of Clintin.

Mueller has served the United States for nearly 50 years putting away the bad guys, not once has he been sanctioned, punished, accused, or otherwise disciplined for being "crooked". For any wrong doing whatsoever.

Quite the opposite in fact, he has a sterling reputation serving America dating back to his days in Vietnam.

It's fun to pretend he's a bad guy, because for goodness sake you love Trump and you feel Mueller is attacking him. In reality that isn't happening at all, Mueller is an honorable man with impeccable credentials and history and is doing his job for the United States, by the book, by the law, doing what he always does, going after and getting the bad guy.

Yeah. The declass is the key to all of this. My understanding is that the TIMING of when that should be done for the most strategic advantage is under very serious discussion by Trump's strategists. Whether better it be done before Mueller releases his report or after.

Then as you say, there is the 2020 election and that is the most important event to impact. People have very short memories. Once something is no longer in focus on the front page, it becomes a case of out of sight, out of mind. Public outrage seems to be likewise, out of sight out of outrage.

Trump may wait for the declass until closer to the 2020 election, unless there are other scandals to trigger outrage.

There should be plenty. My understanding is that after the Amendment to the Court Martial Manual comes into effect on 1st January, 2019, we are going to see a whole raft of sealed indictments unsealed and heard by a Military Tribunal. That can only mean charges of treason..


If you think that it is accurate that Trump invented the term "priming the pump," then you believe this: That Trump must have been a toddler at the time he invented the term "priming the pump," and used in under various pen names in various economics papers during the 1930s is without question, much like Kim Jong il's 18 hole-in-one shots in row.

Back in the early 1930s, Trump was shooting the shit with his wet nurse, economist Sir John Maynard Keynes, at Cambridge when he coined the term "priming the pump." Keynes disagreed with the moniker, but soon, economists worldwide were using the term to describe Keynes's concept of using government money to act as a multiplier for economic growth.

Of course, most conservatives are not fans of this model, but during THAT VERY SAME INTERVIEW, Trump admitted that his idea for "priming the pump" made him a Keynesian economist. He didn't seem to understand the term, but he agreed to it, possibly the first Republican to ever do so. Nota Bene: many Democrats subscribe to the idea of pump priming.

The conclusion follows that you are an idiot. Any objections? No? Good, moving on.