In A Crowded Theater, She Accused Neil DeGrasse Tyson Of Rape. Eight Years Later, Her Story Is News.


PSA: Go to a hospital, or rape crisis center immediately. If you suspect you were drugged you need to be quick about getting tested. Waiting 30 years to make a police statement will create doubt. There are stages of shock when you realize you are a victim and you don't know if you should do something or not. But waiting or not doing anything can be a problem if you had your drink drugged at any given time PERIOD! There is absolutely no tolerance for that behavior, and in almost every situation those who do this repeat these actions.
Corning Neil Degrasse Tyson in a theater with accusations years before filing a police report makes her case hold less water.
Take Bill Cosby for example... his accusers all shared one thing in common. They told their story one by one as they stepped out of the shadows. And those stories were consistent with a pattern.
Tell your story and if there are others they will follow. But acting out in a theater will only push them back.