Migrant caravan reveals these 3 larger truths about immigration



The problem with mass migration is that it makes it impossible to vet those coming in.

If you have 10,000 people hitting you at once and you have 3 days to process them all, you're not going to be looking at them in depth. The result is that people who shouldn't be allowed in will be.

Europe has an even bigger problem. Their "migrants" are going into the Mediterranean in boats designed purposefully to sink... Forcing European countries to "rescue" them... at which point they exploit the system and apply for asylum. This has the added benefit of allowing the pro-migrant organizations the ability to paint them as "innocent victims" even though they INTENTIONALLY placed themselves and their children in danger.

Recently, they even had a group that filed suit because they weren't rescued from the boat they intentionally sank fast enough, resulting in many of them drowning.

Actually the idea of categorizing people is a liberal cornerstone. One of the cornerstones of conservatism is that people are individuals. As for your "descriptors" - that is not breaking people down into categories, it is simply describing them by a visually obvious characteristic, no different than saying "He was tall" or "She had blond hair". I haven't lumped those people into a category.
However, when you say things like "Minorities are unable to get a voter ID", THAT is lumping huge groups of people into categories and those categories are typically inaccurate. The vast majority of minorities (for example) already have IDs and in fact the vast majority of them live middle class American lives and have no more problem voting than anyone else. However, using liberal identity politics you have to lump them all together so that you can then identify a much larger group with whatever political spin you want to use.
And yes, some conservatives fall for this ploy as well, but it is not a cornerstone of conservative political philosophy.

1) Our immigration system is broken. Every year it mistakely deports over 100 US citizens.

2) That's not what they're talking about with the "broken" system. What they are talking about is that for some reason the system is focused more on corporate need than societal need.

3) That's not how it works. The US system is not "first come, first served." It is prioritised with corporations getting most of the visas to sponsor workers then military families, then regular families, and the rest filled randomly through a lottery. The only way to bypass this fubar system is tbroigh the asylum system which, due to the vagueness of the laws and various politicians scoring political points, doesn't make sense to anybody. It's now reached the point that people just throw claims at a wall like spaghetti to see what sticks.

4) Arguable. When you create a system where people are actually REQUIRED to enter the US illegally in order to put in an asylum request to bypass the fubar system, you really shouldn't be surprised when they do exactly that.

Here's some truths about immigration:
1) Our immigration system is not broken. Every year we let in the number of people we have built into our quota, i.e. the number of people we feel can enter the country without damaging the prospects of our own citizens.
2) The fact that more people want to come here than we allow in each year does not mean we have a problem, it means we have an extremely attractive country and lifestyle.
3) That fact that BECAUSE we have so many people who want to come here means people have to wait 10 years or more before they get to the head of the line is not our problem. It is a problem for all of the countries that these people want to leave.
4) Rewarding those who want to ignore our laws by jumping them to the head of the line would be a slap in the face to EVERY actual "immigrant" who has come to this country legally or who is trying to come here legally. THAT would be breaking our immigration system by telling the world the best way to come here is to come here illegally.