Troops to remain on U.S.-Mexico border until end of January


Legal and illegal immigrants can receive federal benefits if they meet federal guidelines. The only difference is that illegals can only receive benefits for the kids. Another major difference is illegals ability to be deceptive, what you usually see happening is that mom goes down to welfare meeting the work requirement guidelines of twenty to thirty hours of work at a low wage, claim dad lives in Mexico and she felt from his abuse but he is really down the road working his full time job, meanwhile grandma is at home watching the times this by three or more families to a house (it's usually one family per bedroom) and you can understand why they all have nice vehicles parked outside.

"However, when looking at the share of total income paid in taxes, the institute's report estimates the average tax rate for immigrants in the country illegally is higher than the rate paid by America's top earners"

Just how do you suppose they reach that level? Because they don't file returns, all that money is free and clear to the federal, state and local tax bases not mention how much is going in to prop up social security. Why don't they file returns?

"A separate Pew study found that about a third of such immigrants were employed in service positions, while 15 percent worked construction and extraction jobs and another 14 percent worked in production, installation and repair professions. About 13 percent were believed to work in sales, office and administrative support roles, while another 13 percent held professional, management or business and finance positions."

Because the social security number and fake ID they use to obtain these jobs would out them. It would actually cost the fed, state and cities more money then what they contribute to the system to try and track down and deport millions but believe me if this was you or I using fraudulent documents in this country they'd have no problem at all finding and jailing legal citizens.

"The report estimates the average income of an "undocumented family" is a little more than $30,000, well below the country's median household income of around $54,000, according to the Census Bureau"

That's what they consider "medium" income level...I know you can't even imagine what they are doing to hold down wages for low income families. Would you pay someone twenty four thousand dollars more a year if you could get away with paying significantly less?