Hawaiian Senator Claims Dems Are Too Smart For The Average Voter



I read it several times, where did you read voters are stupid? Actually I think she's got it backward. There is no problem connecting to the heart, or the brain. The problem is that politicians, both Democrats and Republicans live lives that are far removed from the regular person on the street. They've all lost touch with the ordinary citizen. Which isn't surprising when you consider the money it takes to even consider running for office. Many of our so called political leaders come from money and have no idea of what real life for the rest of us is like.

I know right with all that knowledge memorized if they then went and experienced real life and struggle they could apply that knowledge on a massive scale.

Sadly thats now how learning works.

Rural people know that international trade is bad for them not because of the fact that everyone is small towns will suddenly have to find new jobs and all those jobs will be in the service industry.

They know its bad for them because that cheap pair of shoes lasts 3 months instead of a year the can opener rusts in under a month and the bicycle if left in a humid area will rust the chain into in 6 moths.

Elitists just don't experience that kind junk.