Trump's countless scams are finally catching up to him


The last paragraph is this granny...and there's nothing in it about "snowflakes."

"Of course, Trump denied that he was doing business with Russia or in contact with Russian officials many times during the election and since. Paul Manafort was
charged with lying to the Robert Mueller investigation last week, which
seems, atop everything else, stunningly stupid (along with the witness tampering
he was also caught doing). Didn’t he think that the legal team would
notice if he lied to protect himself or Trump? Or are the circles he
moves in so routinely dishonest that the habit is hard to break? Liars
abound in Trump’s circle; Michael Cohen turned himself in for some more
lies too, and his lies – about when discussions about the Trump Tower
Moscow terminated – seem to have been told to protect the president. But
it seems likely that for the first time in his life, nothing can
protect Donald J Trump from the trouble he’s made, and the sheer scale
of it is astonishing. Justice means there are consequences for your

Again.... "Ye know not what Mueller has"... "yet." ... LOL!

Mueller, the life-long Republican and ex-Marine Vietnam War veteran is pretty smart (unlike the crooked draft dodger Trump). He knew that a Republican-controlled Senate and House wouldn't have "the balls" to cover his back when he releases his report to congress. The Republicans we have in congress today would "blow off" Mueller's report as though the Trump crimes were not laid out in it, being the cowards that today's Republicans have become, afraid of "Trump Tweets."

So, he patiently waited for Democrats to take at least half of the congress, and his patience paid off.

What I hate, and this guy is a perfect example, is that there is a kernel of truth in the objections. Then they fill it with so much rhetoric and hyperbole that the truth gets buried.

Take this guy. Yes, Trump demands an absurd level of loyalty and only wants yes men around him. That isn't the same as making people take the Hitler pledge. So, he's taken a legitimate, authoritarian action, something that should be discussed, and wrapped it in so much insanity we can't discuss it

Another great example is Grab them comment. It was a disgusting immoral and obnoxious thing to say. He was not talking about raping women.

We are talking about Trump. I know you want to distract with your whataboutism. It's just so difficult for Trump camp followers to stop sniffing Trump's shorts. Much like Pavlov's dogs that come running at the sound of a bell, Trump followers rush to their knees to greet their master when he tweets or utters a statement not written by staffers. I get it. I just laugh at the stupidity of it.

Ah, the personal attack, that "I" must be living on welfare. lol. No, living on welfare wouldn't pay my mortgage or for my cars. But you run with that.

You are comical, I'll give you that.

I'm not the one distracting the issue, as it was SKK who brought up Benghazi.

Ivanka's email scandal is 1/100th as severe as Hillary's, but I don't really care either way. If she violated national security, I'm okay with her spending time in jail as well. I have absolutely no love for the entire Trump family.

You're right, HRC was never President, but if anyone else had done what she did, at the very least, that person would lose their security clearance and be permanently barred from any government job ever again. Clearly HRC demonstrated herself to be wholly unqualified for the job of POTUS.

Fire up the BBQ and light up a few ribeyes and make a celebration out of it. A blood is thicker than politics kind of party. I mean, prior to Trump's coronation, noone knew how bad it was going to be.

Turns out, it's fucking bad.

Maybe your brothers will show you a bit of love, despite politics, and bring the beer to the party.

Fire up youtube on the big screen and play some comedy clips of Trump saying stupid shit and kick back with the family and laugh together over a few beers and some man-sized steaks.

You may be wrong about how long Trump lasts in office, but so what. Trump gets ass-fucked more than any man I've ever heard of.

Filet Mignon is overrated imo.


It is a notorious fact that the Guardian is a communist publication. anything posted by an Anti-Trumpeteer, would be nothing more than an opinion with no basis in fact. This blog is merely a hate Trump blog.
Secondly, the push for Trump to reveal his tax returns is a ruse to nail him on anything that would even attempt to get him impeached, solely.Tax return revelation has no basis in law. It is a power grab by the democrats and other communist leftists.
Any politician that disclosed any returns, whether factual or not, was merely a courtesy for the news media. A placation.
All of the Anti-Trumpeteers on this blog are slathering like dogs.

"Please tell us the exact point in the sordid lying oath continuum where: “absurd (your description) level of loyalty + only yes men” ends and “Hitler pledge” begins."

At the point that someone is forced to take the pledge that Hitler used.

The fact that you would even ask that shows how out of touch with reality you are.

"Since Day 1, it hasn’t been an exaggeration, for me to describe him as:
“The Mad Emperor”. He truly believes he was elected to do anything he
wants- without even the concept of questioning, let alone sanction."

He may have thought that in the beginning, but he's certainly learned differently now. He might not like it, but he's learned it.

"A dangerous megalomaniac, who prefers the company of despots, tyrants and stone cold killers."

You see there you go again. The man in a classic narcissist. Not a megalomaniac. The rest is more rhetoric. Neither of us has any idea who's company he prefers.

I get it, outrage, rhetoric and nonsense get you more upvotes and more serotonin hits then sensible conversation. I don't blame you, you are just another example of what is wrong in our culture. I blame all of us.

ROFLOL! I've made it very clear in most every post that I was relying on the factual presentation of reality as presented in this opinion piece.

And the most ironic thing is...the impossibility of discussing "facts" with anyone who is a Trump minion! You've been taught to believe by your master and "Lord on high" that "alternative facts" are the real facts, and you've been suckered into believing that what you see with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears isn't real. How does one compete with that utter absurdity? It's impossible...and moreover, to try is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

And, as for what saddens me...that would be the pervasive and what should be embarrassing abdication of common sense and intelligence among the overwhelming majority of Trump's minions.

Hell said yourself that you won't even listen to a speech by Trump...preferring to read a transcript later! THAT is a perfect demonstration of ignorance and stupidity. What's the point of you reading when you clearly are subject to total cognitive dissonance?


So you're claiming Trump reported some income but put a question mark as to the source? I doubt the IRS would miss that. But you seem unaware many of the "sources" would be listed on a corporate return rather than personal income for Trump.

Any public disclosure is strictly voluntary and has no legal basis as a requirement. It would actually only give a glimpse as to any conflict and is mostly for show. Actual conflict would need to be proven - not just opinions of critics. Very few public officials even disclose their personal returns. In the event of partnerships, that might be even tougher to obtain.