Trump’s nickname #Brokeahontas trends worldwide on Twitter after his tax returns revealed he’s a lousy businessman


Wacko theory...ALL businesses in the US and the rest of the world where there is corporate taxation use incentive loopholes to minimize their taxes. Unfortunately most college grads can't read a Balance Sheet or a P & L so all they know is deficit taxation reports are bad. Congress created this by allowing for capitalization depreciation, along with other assets, investment tax credits, etc., etc. If everyone wants a just and level playing field for everyone including individuals, corporations, etc, etc they have to go to a "Flat Tax" wherein EVERYBODY pays the same a point of purchase 10, 20% whatever but everyone pays the same. Unfortunately this would put most of the IRS, tax professionals and lawyers and others out of business.

People need to understand how much of Trumps "income" and wealth" is off the books. His tax returns will only show how little legitimate money he is passing through the system. It doesn't show how much he is embezzling from his multitude of operations.

People- He can show a taxable income of a few million (or even less) and still live like a billionaire, because his interests are in control of vast sums. He can take and tap into that money anytime he wants to, call it a business expense, and no one will ever know about it. It doesn't matter if it's legal or illegal because he's already got lawyers working around the clock to shield and protect him from any legal fallout.

Anyone who doesn't understand the real value of becoming president apparently didn't see the Clintons income rise from 150 thousand in 1991, to 150 million in the last 10-15 years. (that's some good growth...)

Obama made even less, while president, in 2015, the obamas made less than 500K. (presidential salary is 400K)

Now, suddenly, just a few years later, he's worth tens of millions. Maybe 100 million by now.

So, as an investment, to become president is worth everything you've got, and can make...all that matters is that afterwards, you're allowed to cash in. And if you die, don't worry, your "estate" can still cash that check.