Thousands in Poland protest against US Holocaust compensation law


So I looked up this so-called law...which is rather bipartisan, and it essentially states that it would require property that was taken from an American Holocaust survivor would be returned to them or by equitable financial compensation to the rightful owner. And this would apply to whomever was heir of the property if it was given to them and it was seized from a survivor.;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >

Normally I would mock someone based on the whole "reparations" concept being pressured on Poland... but that's actually what is being stated here. This is a "give it back" statement, and Poland is saying, "No we don't want to."...... you had all this time, and there are survivors that are still alive today who you do not want to return their belongings to? wtf.....

Hate to tell you, the US and UK were aware of the Holocaust years before..."you too should be angry with your grandparents who were Hilter's willing co-conspirators in the Holocaust.". The US even turned a shipload of escaping Jews away!

quora...When did FDR become aware of the Nazi concentration camps?

Extermination camps were killing centres and were top secret. The first came into operation at Chelmno early in December 1941 and information was passed on to London and Washington DC by the end of the month by the Polish resistance. (I don’t know whether the information reached FDR personally at that stage).
Two camps - the Auschwitz group of camps and Majdanek - combined the functions of concentration camps and, later, extermination camps.
On 28 July 1943 the Polish courier Jan Karski - Wikipedia met face to face with FDR in the Oval Office and informed him about the Holocaust. Apparently, FDR only said, ‘Tell them that they will be punished after the war’. Karski knew of course that that would do nothing to stop the Holocaust.