Rashida Tlaib says thinking of the Holocaust provides her a 'calming feeling,' shockingly claims Palestinians created 'safe haven' for Jews



"It was Leftists who carried out the Holocaust."

*yawn* ... No, Nazis were not "leftists" at all.

"They believe that their decision-making abilities are far superior than the rest of us. "

Well, Wombosi gives you that. But reading your nonsense and seeing who you have elected is not exactly an argument against that.

Back to this discussion that you are trying to hijack with your uninformed political nincompoopery: Nearly 800,000 Palestinians were displace in, what they call the "Nakba" (catastrophe). This expulsion was precipitated mostly by what was called "Plan D" or "Plan Dalet," the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine at the hand of primarily the Irgun and Haganah terror groups.

Thus, Tlaib makes this sarcastic comment about how "calming" the though of the suffering of her people resulting in a safe haven for Jews in what is now called Israel is.

What's new? Leftists have thought and believed this way for a long time. It was Leftists who carried out the Holocaust. Anti-Semitism has been a part of Leftist thought and discussion for decades. This goes back at least since the 1920's with Woodrow Wilson. The whole conspiracy of the Jews taking over the world through the banking system has been part of Leftist belief long before Hitler came to power.

What a Leftist wants is not socialism. Even communism is less than what they aim for. Leftists seek totalitarian rule where every human is subject to their demands and their is no freedom of speech, thought, or even of conscience.

The Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin is the best example of the type of societal structure that these so-called "progressives" seek today. They believe that their decision-making abilities are far superior than the rest of us. Therefore, they believe that our decisions, down to where we live, what we drive, what we use for toilet paper, how we raise our kids, how many kids we can have, and how we live, are best left to them. After all, they know better than the rest of us.