Satan’s chemtrails ‘jamming God’s radio’ claims pro-Trump YouTuber


I would have thought he was an outlier. I am learning otherwise. I have spoken with flat earth people, literate working people, who are serious. Others, bank employees, who know for a fact that earth is around 6000 years old and anyone who can't see that is of the devil. Some friends I usually have a sunday meal with had to beg off today because of a church event. I couldn't go because it is a prepper church, in a prepper town. Everybody open carries weapons in church, the doors are bulletproof, and they have drills for when the enemy comes. Anyone who comes to town and is not a prepper and carrying a weapon is asked to leave, They don't let spies, like me, in anymore. There are a lot of these people. They have ham radios and check in with other towns by short wave number codes. They would think of Taylor as a Librul.