Angel Moms Remember Their Children on Mother’s Day: ‘The Hurt and Pain Will Never Go Away’


I have lived a full life. Like petals from a flower, things we loved slip away in time. This was a long time ago, and we had eleven years on this world together, filled with joy, love and awe. The memory will last, and nothing will take the good things away. I am blessed, as I am not alone. Still a mother to my wonderful daughter. Our shared love can overcome any pain. But there will always be a place in my heart and mind that feels something missing. Someone said one would get used to it. But the point is: I don't want to. This loss is my connection. This sadness shows how much I care. This is who I am now. Incomplete, but what remains is still the same person. It is what a long time on this plane of existence teaches you.

Thank you for your kindness.

"what do they call the thousands of moms who have lost their children in US mass shootings"

thousands of mass shootings???
FBI: 27 ‘Active Shooter’ Incidents in 2018 Claimed 85 Lives
It is the second-most number of active shooter situations in the 18 years for which the FBI has data.
By Claire Hansen US News April 10, 2019, The 27 incidents the agency detailed took place in 16 states and resulted in 85 deaths and 128 people wounded, excluding the shooters, the bureau said in its report.

oh the first documented trans mass shooter in Colorado the other day the media seems to have lost interest!

Democrats could care less about the dead kids or their moms in Chicago or Baltimore..