These 31 Facts Show What’s Happening on the Border. You Decide If It’s a Crisis.


Here’s the thing: There is actually a growing movement in Cali, AZ, NM, & Texas of Chicanos to actually repopulate those areas at least, then eventually the rest of the US, with Hispanic people.
I didn’t think so either.
Then I stumbled upon a string of video one day & I was blown away. It’s actually a very real situation. Yes, the numbers are fairly low right now, but they are growing. With the number of undocumented people throughout the country, it won’t take much for it to become dangerous. Remember that there are actually several extreme left supporters of their movement as well.
Watch this:
https:/ /youtu. be/lJaAfBOya6Q

Then, check out this nutter:
https: //youtu. be/afL5NuIrUUY

Unfortunately, there actually is a very real problem growing. (Don’t get me wrong. Hamberder is a bonkers extremist. But that doesn’t negate the realities of the growing movements. There are racist/supremacists movements growing all over the country... but they aren’t limited to being white anymore.)

You must have missed the note at the bottom:

"Editor’s Note: The facts listed above were curated from testimony submitted to Congress on May 8 by Todd Owen, Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Carla L. Provost, Chief, U.S. Border Patrol U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Manuel Padilla, Director, Joint Task Force-West Department of Homeland Security. References to years are to fiscal years."

And they provided a link in the word "testimony". And if that doesn't suffice, they do mention CBP a number of times. And that is where many of the numbers (particularly apparehensions) come from. For example:;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >

The reality is that there is no longer any such creature as an “illegal” immigrant entry into the United States, given that the process of crossing into the country without paperwork has been standardized into law. All of the Central Americans rushing the border are not evading Border Patrol – they are willingly turning themselves in to Border Patrol, claiming that they have a “credible fear,” at which point the Border Patrol gives them paperwork that gives them legal status to be inside of the United States.

They only become “illegal” after missing their scheduled court date, which is approximately two years from their date of entry. And even then, they have all kinds of process that they can go through in order to maintain legal status, and an army of lawyers willing to help them do so.

Any single individual on earth can enter the country by crossing the Southern border and approaching a Border Patrol agent, say “credible fear” and gain legal permission to be inside of the United States. That is the current status of the immigration situation under the Administration of US President Donald Trump.