LGBTQ: Forcing Us to Embrace Evil, Destructive Lies


Try not baking a wedding cake for a gay and see what happens.

I know you are goading people you hate into making a statement so that those like you can intimidate, harass and ridicule them, or worse. Odd how leftist hatred is considered acceptable and anything else is immediately construed as the nebulous "hate speech" that's interpretation is administered solely by and for the leftists, in effect, denying the free speech of others.

I would, for the sake of truth, insert a few names commonly associated with those who practice what were once openly considered deviant sexual acts, just to prove the point that leftist censorship is rampant. But instead I'll just leave it at that since it triggers the loony left into insanity that a conservative won't step into their poorly disguised trap and be banned.

Read an article about a scientist who is considered a pioneer in trans research. He tweeted that sex change surgeries shouldn't happen until the person is at least 21 years of age based on his experience and research.

He was banned from twitter for this basic common sense point that is backed up by his many years of research on the matter.

The trans crowd is actually upset that this experienced researcher had the nerve to suggest children shouldn't be going under the scalpel and fed hormones until they are adults.

The mindless drones are just doing what they always mindlessly do, but those who are manipulating the drones definitely do seem to have an agenda...and using children to accomplish it.