George Conway calls Trump a 'malignant narcissist' and says he committed 'the ultimate high crime'


This whole Vaudeville act between these two is very entertaining. Unfortunately it does nothing to resolve the problem of POTUS 45. There are people in power that really can do something but they aren't. There are many people complicit in the destruction to American values and morality by 45. All do it for the sake of their own benefit. Their glory. Their possible future aspirations. It's called Politics and it stinks worse than the devil himself. Conway's wife is not a dumb woman. She knows full well what she is supporting. However it benefits her. So she will amazingly and unbelievably sit by and watch and support 45 in his selfish conquest. This game is dirty and most of us are getting shit on. Sad part is some are taking it with their mouths open.

Trump has the upper hand in his battle with the House congressional committees requesting testimonies and documentation and he, in turn, saying "NO". The House doesn't know what to do, negotiate, beg, wait, impeach, or whatever; time is not on their side. Truth be told, not one of the democrat candidates can beat Trump. Not only that, but the hope/bet is that the House will be retaken by the Republicans and all of the investigations will fizzle out. The indecision on the part of the Democrats and the length of time the court will take to iron matters out assures that most issues will not be decided before the 2020 elections take place. Trump is the Antichrist and this world system belongs to him. Most can't believe this because it's a spiritual thing and the great majority of people on the right and left are easily deceived due to their lack of faith. This is the truth.

Are you serious? I have often WISHED that the people Trump insults with his childish Tweets would lower themselves to his level and return the favor, but I know that'll never happen because they are intelligent adults.
The material would be endless. That ridiculous "Thing" on his head, where he takes hair from the front and combs it all the way back to cover the completely bald back side. That Double (Working on Triple) Chin, His gut hanging out over his belt, and that Massive rear end. His tiny little hands that bruise his fragile ego, and how he comically had his doctor claim he only weighs 239 pounds. Hilarious!

The most ignorant thing is many of you let Hollywood shape your opinion of this man. By that I mean because Hollywood has crafted the believe of a person that looks like George Conway is ( a loser) you guys swallow 45's lies about him.

The facts are this man is highly educated, highly successful, been married to a successful women for many years before 45 came along and for the most is factually correct in most of the things he says about 45. You do realize he has supported Republicans for as long anyone can remember, right? You do know he donated to 45 campaign, right? You do know he very financially successful, right? However none of you are concerned with facts, right? Oh and you do know that you look like a fool agreeing with 45 about this man, right?