NYT: White House reviews plan that would send up to 120,000 US troops to Middle East



Obama sat on his hands while Iran advanced nuclear aims ??
At the time of the agreement, then-US President Barack Obama's administration expressed confidence that the JCPOA would prevent Iran from building a nuclear programme in secret. Iran, it said, had committed to "extraordinary and robust monitoring, verification, and inspection".

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the global nuclear watchdog, continuously monitor Iran's declared nuclear sites and also verify that no fissile material is moved covertly to a secret location to build a bomb.

Iran also agreed to implement the Additional Protocol to their IAEA Safeguards Agreement, which allows inspectors to access any site anywhere in the country they deem suspicious.
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Obama sat on his hands while N Korea and Iran advanced their nuclear aims; this is not peace. Iran cannot be a nuclear power. They are a Mullah ran country. Religious fanaticism and nuclear weapons don’t mix well. We all know they have said they want to end Israel. This is not an option they will have. N Korea is controlled by China in many ways. They work together it seems. Iran is a much bigger threat than N Korea. And N Korea is already Nuclear. I’d end their program fast and hard and replace their government. Now is the best time. We don’t want to wait until they are nuclear also. We need less countries nuclear than more. It would be good if only Russia, the USA and China were nuclear. We should work with them in this. Pakistan, Turkey etc... less the better. We can’t get rid of them all but less players means less chance of a nuclear war.