White House explores new farmer bailout plan as U.S.-China trade war heats up



Think about what you wrote, slowly. 3rd World Countries by definition do not "behave" like 1st World developed nations. China is what, 5,000 years old? They plan 50 and 100 year initiatives and patiently execute them. America used to out-pace and lead through innovation and technology advancement, even more-so in the digital and knowledge economy, while China was in manufacturing stage and 3rd World Countries were still in agriculture. We decided to turn back the clock and try to re-take manufacturing (SAD!) instead of investing in our future.

The only real problem we need to tackle with China is patent protection and IP theft. We aren't going to accomplish that by placing tariffs on manufactured goods. We have made some progress and can improve upon that by limiting Chinese investment in American technology companies and start-ups, and instead creating better incentives for Americans to invest domestically (hint: the tax cuts needed these incentives/strings attached, and the admin failed miserably).

Face it. There is no sound strategy here, and this President is also bending to political fall out because of the pain he is causing with American farmers, American innovators, and American consumers.