Bill Nye: It’s Time to Realize ‘the Planet Is on F*cking Fire!’


The overwhelming scientific evidence supports the skeptics, not the alarmists. It's insane to believe otherwise.

1350+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against ACC/AGW Alarmism;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="http://www.populartechnolog" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >http://www.populartechnol...opulartechnolog...

"A tour de force list of scientific papers..."

- Robert M. Carter, Ph.D. Environmental Scientist

"Wow, the list is pretty impressive ...It's Oreskes done right."

- Luboš Motl, Ph.D. Theoretical Physicist

"I really appreciate your important effort in compiling the list."

- Willie Soon, Ph.D. Astrophysicist and Geoscientist

"An excellent place to start to take stock of the scientific diversity of positions on AGW."

- Emil A. Røyrvik, Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist

"'s a very useful resource. Thanks to the pop tech team."

- Joanne Nova, Author of The Skeptics Handbook

"I do confess a degree of fascination with Poptech's list..."

- John Cook, Cartoonist at Skeptical Science

† This resource has been cited over 100 times, including in scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://climatechangedispat" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://climatechangedisp...atechangedispat...


More than 1,000 dissenting scientists (updates previous 700 scientist report) from around the globe have now challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore.

This new 2010 321–page Climate Depot Special Report — updated from the 2007 groundbreaking U.S. Senate Report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming “consensus” — features the skeptical voices of over 1,000 international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC.