Why the US-China trade war could settle the 2020 election in 2019



You don't understand much. China has an economy growing at twice or more our rate of growth, due to expand to surpass us in about 20 years. They also can and will endure a downturn much longer than would Americans. The culture is conditioned to look at the long term and sacrifice the immediate. American culture is just the opposite.

Now, China only exports more to the US than it imports because both American manufactures build in China then import back to the US and of course, the WalMarts and so on buying so much from them.

China is simply responding to the tariffs imposed by the Trump. Unlike you and some Americans obsession to see your leaders as tough guys, the Chinese could care less about posturing.

The Trump is a nationalist. The tariffs are a tactic in a strategy to get American companies to manufacture their goods in the US. Tariffs are government use of force and coercion in order to modify behaviors it sees as harmful to its own interest. Since nationalism seeks to have a closed and managed economy, much like socialism it has disdain for free global trade and uses bullying to discourage it.