Trump's Golf Trip to Ireland Cost You an Extra $3.6 Million


Your Tangerine Turd repeatedly stated he would be too busy as president to play golf or take vacations. So far, via Trump Golf Count -

Trump Golf Count Cost Breakdown:
AF1 flights to Mar-a-Lago:t$47,288,000
AF1 flights to Bedminster:t$14,392,000
Costs to Bedminster, Palm Beach*:t$15,170,357
Cost to guard coast off Mar-a-Lago:t$21,476,000
Luxury car rental in Turnberry, Scotland:t$1,260,139
Cost of stay at Trump Turnberry, Scotland:t$68,800
Total Cost:t$99,655,296

* Security costs to local governments in Florida and New Jersey, budgeted at $6.4 million per year, are reimbursed by the Federal government, and are included in the Trump Golf Count total on a prorated basis. While we report exact dollar amounts, it should be noted that these numbers are based on imprecise estimates. See our FAQ page for more information and sources.

Simply amazing that people still support this worthless, pathological lying, sack of shit.