The Anti-College Is on the Rise


Most college courses are a total scam. People can learn more in a six-month intensive internship program with their chosen field, than the ever could in a years-long, classroom structure or setting. Paying top dollar for someone who's been out of their field for a decade or more to tell them what they think about it.

While there are some careers in which, rigorous instruction might be helpful, they are in the vast minority.

As an employer, I'm always much more interested in someone who comes in with a lot of work experience, rather than schooling. People who have only gone to school, no only don't know what to do, they don't know how to work. You end up having to teach them everything from the ground up. It's not worth it. I prefer to bring someone in at low wages with the idea that they can work their way up the ladder through performance and success.

Ask any college graduate if they learned more from going to their school for 3, 4 5 years, or more in the first 6 months on their job. It's not even close.