America’s Political Mood Is Now the ‘Most Liberal Ever Recorded’


The liberal model for the economy and society is a lot like the Time Share presentation I sat through (for my sins) yesterday. Gorgeous pictures and stunning scenery up on the screen and those presenting are very talented at intoxicating the audience with the wonders of this amazing Time Share life,...*the* thing you've been missing all these years. However, once you're an owner, that is to say once you sober up and realize there's a bill in the mail that goes up EVERY YEAR, and that Time Shares are as awesome as the seventh level of hell, you'll be doing anything (aka voting conservative) to get out of it and get your life back.

So we've hit peak "liberal" since WWII, when USA was the star quarterback in the big game that SAVED THE WORD, then kicked off the Cold War?
A few decades of that while conservatives used nuclear fear to became more powerful than they had been since they stopped being Dixiecrats, and roll straight into the commercial gluttony of a Cold War victory. We surrendered our position of moral global leadership while conservatives held power by picking fights, while the rest of the world was figuring out how to use that capitalism we converted them to.

We don't get to call the shots anymore. It's time to change what has made us so successful for a couple centuries. We're not the only ones playing anymorre. So we need to play with the others, and step up our game, or they're going to play without us...