Trump Administration Suppresses Its Own Findings About Catastrophic Climate Change


The current issue we are experiencing started with the industrial revolution back in the late 19th century. This is when we started pumping pollution and excess CO2 into our atmosphere. As the earth's population has boomed since then we are pumping more and more into the air and it's not just from burning coal and oil. It's also from mass production of livestock to feed billions of people.

This really isnt even a question anymore with the world's scientists. About the only people who still question the reality are the far right.

Interestingly, its usually the same type who question other science's, eg, evolutionary biology.

"Ignored: 600 Papers Confirming Sun’s Key Impact On Climate";cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://principia-scientifi" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://principia-scienti...cipia-scientifi...

"Research showing sun’s impact piles up

Despite all the effort to frame CO2, scientists are still conducting a formidable amount of research on the sun’s impact.

Indeed since the last IPCC report was released in 2013, there have been literally hundreds of scientific peer-reviewed publications showing that the sun directly and indirectly have a great impact on the earth’s climate. Yet IPCC scientists obstinately continue to refuse to acknowledge these in their models.

Back in 2013 I produced a list of 123 paper showing that the sun impacts global climate."

60 peer reviewed papers published just in 2017:;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >

But none of this matters to the Captain Planet generation.

All they know how to do is spout repetitive political talking points, while having none of the actual knowledge required to read and understand any peer reviewed scientific paper.