Time for the LGBT Movement to Leave the Kids Alone



It is a constant bombardment due in large measure to the disproportionate representation of homosexuals in the entertainment industry. There is a rather effective way to honestly dispel these distortions; list out 100 members of your family starting with your parents and siblings working out to uncles and cousins. When you have a hundred or so listed, check off the ones that are homosexual. I've done it, my wife did and a couple of our friends as well. The average was 3%

The LGBT lobby is engaged in a terrible deception; they don't represent anywhere near the numbers they claim yet the entertainment industry continues flooding shows, commercials and advertising in general with the same themes. Interestingly, we see the same thing with race and ethnicity.

Certain elements in LGBTQ community are starting to add a P to the acronym, and you all can guess what the p stand for. I edited my previous comment because I could already see the freak out.

Snapchat apparently just added a “Love has no age filter” as well.

Years ago, people were castigated and demonized for certain elements within the LGBTQ community would foist this upon children... under the banner of equality, we’ll here we are.

And before all the typical leftist thought police send a fuselage of “you hate gays” like I’ve said before, I don’t care about consenting adults, it’s adults going after children, which should be a universal condemnation.

Is this path of inculcation a dupe? Teach the kids about it and then lower the age of consent, or do away with it completely, then pit a child's word against an adult's as to whether it was rape or consented to between an adult and a mere child?

End result: Consent to paedophilia so that now means it is OK?

Next: Permitting child marriages as they do in the Middle East?

Next: Bigamy and Polygamy and so it will go, destroying our Western values and Western culture. Another battle in the courts over the definition of marriage. The gay marriage law was the pre-cursor to open the floodgates for this.

Satan's horns all over it.

The question is why is it even necessary to teach our little kids in schools about sexual orientation at all? Perhaps it is the path to then justify the inclusion of pedophilia in this, (now being taught in Californian schools as merely a "sexual orientation"). Next, lower the age of consent, maybe? Already being mooted. Maybe even scrap an age of consent altogether?

Next, claim consent was obtained between adult and child. Is the sex education program to "supposedly" provide children with an understanding and thereby to provide that plausibility? Next, an adult's word against a child's. We all know who'd win that. Is there any other plausible reason for all of this?

End result: Consent to pedophilia, so then that's now OK?

Goal: Permitting child marriages as they do in the Middle East?

Maybe I'm paranoid, but if you keep going back to the question why on earth is it ever necessary to teach children pedophilia is an orientation, what else is there to think?

I can't say as I have ever had a problem with this... Our kids have grown up without the influence of tv, doesn't really how much LBTG stuff is in shows, it has had no effect upon my children because they have never watched any of it.

As for the wife and I with Netflix over the last couple years and whatnot we just avoid anything that says LTBG. I will admit that we are getting a bit tired of there being all kinds of sex scenes in "all" shows it seems now, but there again, we can simply go back to not watching any of it as we did for the previous 19 years if it really starts bothering us.

You do have a choice and complete control over what you and your children are exposed to, exercise that choice if this LTBG thing is bothering you. Why "whine and complain" about something you have no control over?


What on earth does that comment have to do with my comment, did you click the wrong the reply button? My comment was simply about the fact that people have the "choice" of avoiding exposure to LGTB on tv?

All my point was is that no one is "forcing" anyone to watch this stuff and it can easily be avoided by choosing "not" to watch tv... It is a 100% effective way to avoid the influence of this, without any complaining, whining or getting others to change their views and without any change to tv programming.

P.S.. Exactly what, is unscientific, pseudo-religious indoctrination? My position on choosing to avoid the influence of LBTG in shows?

On its own, I don't mind this. However, in the larger context of Hollywood and PBS, I do. There are far more religious Christians in Americans than gay men - but watching mainstream TV or movies, any reasonable person would assume the opposite. Children do far better when raised by their married biological parents, but I've never seen a movie or TV show that positively portrayed parents who made their marriage works for the sake of their kids. However, I've seen plenty of movie and TV shows that glorify single women raising their kids and that explicitly send the message that parents getting divorced is actually better for the kids.

So, no, I don't really think this individual TV show is a problem, but I think there is a problem with the way Hollywood generally portrays an ultra-liberal utopian vision of the world in which conservatives are almost universally evil (or, at the very least, ignorant) and conservative principles have no merit.

I don't have a problem with homosexuality or with gay marriage. Although I've never had the opportunity to vote on gay marriage (I live in Virginia), I would have voted in favor of it.

However, when I talk with my children about marriage, I never mention homosexuality. I tell my son he'll marry a woman (he's almost 5). My daughter's not quite 2, so I don't talk to her about marriage, but I'll probably tell her she'll marry a boy when she's my son's age.

So, if I don't have a problem with homosexuality, why do I have this approach with my children? Because it's simple and makes sense to them. They have a mommy and a daddy and two grandpas and two grandmas. It makes sense to them that one day they'll fill the role my wife and I fill and that later on they'll be grandparents. For the vast majority of people, that's the path to a happy life. If my son were to watch this Arthur episode I know exactly what his reaction would be. He'd say, "Two boys getting married?!!! That's pretty funny!!" and then he'd laugh. It would just be nonsense to him.

When the kids are older, maybe I'll find out my daughter is gay and my son doesn't want to get married. That'll be fine with me. However, while my kids are as young as they are, I'm going to teach them about the world in a way that they can understand that I hope will give them the best opportunity for happiness and fulfillment in life. For most people, that's a stable marriage to a member of the opposite sex with children down the line.

"In Brave New World sex has been decoupled from love and childbearing. It is engaged in purely for fun. Children are encouraged to start exploring sex at a young age,
such as six or seven, and the old world (i.e. Huxley's time period, the
late 1920s/early 1930s) in which people put off sex all the way through
their teens until "they were over 20 years old" is greeted with shock.

People are told about sexual mores in the "old world":
"For a very long period before the time of Our Ford, and even for some
generations afterwards, erotic play between children had been regarded
as abnormal (there was a roar of laughter); and not only abnormal,
actually immoral (no!): and had therefore been rigorously suppressed. A
look of astonished incredulity appeared on the faces of his listeners.
Poor little kids not allowed to amuse themselves? They could not believe

People have sex purely for physical pleasure rather than as an
expression of emotional intimacy with another human being, because
emotional bonding with others is seen as destabilizing to the narcotized
world the Controllers have constructed. People are strongly conditioned
against the messy intimacy of falling in love."