The University System Is the Progressives' Seminary


Well, since you ask, "a GED world" rolls off the tongue easier than "a high school diploma world". That's the only reason that particular choice was made. But hey, poke fun at my logic if you feel the need. Seems to be a quick jump for you. But since you're going this route, a GED could easily mean someone went to HS. They just didn't finish. How's that logic doing for you?

And now you're making the jump to minorities which I made no mention of. You're not just moving goalposts, you're digging them up, putting them on a truck, and reinstalling them in another state.

In the 2003 case Grutter versus Bollinger Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said “the court expects that 25 years from now the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary”. Now that we're more than halfway through that 25 year period do you see any sign that universities are backing away from the use of racial preferences? No way man. They're fighting tooth and nail to preserve this; The college presidents want to feel their racial preferences makes them feel superior to redneck America that they believe it's composed exclusively of deplorable bigots and the sad fact is is that the driving force behind all of this is the academic skills gap between blacks and whites has not closed.

There's not a single selective college in the country that is not employing vast racial preferences to admit black students. Because the skills gap is so great, what's driving a lot of this victimology is students are being brought in, they can't compete and they end up blaming phantom racism for their intellectual and psychological difficulties.
We've got this codependency, a symbiotic relationship between the racial preference so-called beneficiaries and a diversity bureaucracy set up to try and combat the racism that is making them feel uncomfortable at Duke or at Yale or at UC Berkeley. What happens is these kids are brought in and can't compete at the top tier schools but would have done fine at a 2nd tier school. This is the mismatch theory and it works against them.