The Trump Administration Has Let 24 People Die in ICE Custody



Bc the Open Borders types are not manning up to this harsh, to say the least, new reality --

the world is well into the Final Dark Age :

mass migrations,

sudden national collapses as in Venez,

the return of the plagues : Ebola, XXDR Tuberculosis, virulent flu's,

climate disruption.

there are billions of ppl under these conditions that are killing them and theyr desperate to live so they wana get aboard

Life Boat 1st World, but that boat is overloaded already,

so we 1st worlders must fend off the immigrants knowing that many will therefor die;

but otherwise, we will ---

thats the Final Dark Age.


“Most political analysts are always looking in the rear view


“they’re not seeing how the current political economy affects
people’s opinions, their politics, their economic status…” :


Robert Reich, Sec
of Labor under Clinton, author & analyst,


Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at UCal Berkeley.

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In my opinion, Donald Trump's administration should find a solution to help these poor immigrants get the medical care and mental health care they rightfully deserve. Not to mention the fact they should help these people who want to live and work in our country to support themselves and their loved ones. I can't believe this many immigrants died in ICE custody. I heard about immigrant children being separated from their parents at the southern American border, but this is ridiculous. There should be a way to stop the ICE custody death toll from rising, let alone to prevent immigrant residents in our country who don't deserve nor need to be in ICE's madhouse (informally speaking).

I'm glad that both the American and Mexican governments are finding solutions as well as working together to stop the illegal immigration situation from getting out of control. I also support Donald Trump's decision for suspending the five percent tariffs on Mexican products indefinitely because of this. We all want good things to happen to people, especially immigrants.