WATCH: Adults shout down 13-year-old comparing abortion to slavery, but she keeps going


I can agree that using children to make politicial arguments for you is pathetic and probably not in the child's best interests. Parochial schools being delivered in busloads to Pro-Life rallies are just one example. If by "the left does it best" you mean they don't use children to make their arguments we can agree on that too. Since you probably meant something else some clarification is in order.

As for a lower voting age, I don't see the connection between that and this article. Sixteen year olds are routinely tried as adults so giving them more adult rights and responsibilities doesn't seem that extraordinary. And it's unlikely to change anything since 90 million people who are eligible to vote don't bother to do it now. Lowering the voting age won't get out the vote any more effectively. But it's not anymore exploitive than allowing them to get a driver's license.