Minority Kids’ Spelling Bee Dominance Proves Racism Is Far Less Important Than Work Ethic



If for 10 years blacks acted like Asians in all things relevant to both academic and economic success starting at a young age, and if black children attended school such that their truancy rate (which is now five times higher than that for whites) fell to the same rate as Asians and if they studied at the same rate of Asians and did not have children out of wedlock and waited until they were married before having children and the did not get involved in gangs, crimes, and drugs and we STILL saw the racial disparities that we do, THEN it is time to look for a structural inequality (systemic racism, white privilege, etc) and to look for an ubiquitous racism explanation. BUT right now when the behavioral disparities are SO glaring and SO obvious it is woefully premature to say that what's going on here is implicit bias or explicit bias.

Nope, it's 100% accurate. Care to refute it? Blacks have the second highest HS drop out rate (Hispanics Numero Uno), Blacks are five times more likley to be truant than whites. Less likely to save money. More likley to drop out of college. MUCH more likely to commit crime. Much more likely to have absent fathers. And none of these have anything to do with racism or discrimination. Just choices they make. And even with trillions of dollars in federal dollars and affirmative action and quotas, bonus SAT points and other racial preferences, blacks are still at the bottom of virtually every socioeconomic metric. Unless blacks undergo a cultural revolution, it's only going to get worse for them.