Fox News crosses the line on Joe Biden

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Biden's brush with death came two decades ago, just months after he gave up his own campaign for president. Biden, who had suffered headaches for weeks, found himself with a headache so severe that he lay down in a fetal position, then passed out for five hours. Upon awakening, he made it to a hospital, where doctors discovered a ruptured aneurysm -- a condition so severe that a priest said he was called in to administer the last rites.

So, we're supposed to take CNN's Sanjay Gupta's word for the fact that there is no risk of a repeat? And that there is no residual damage?
Hillary's screeching voice and unlikable personality are unaffected by her demonstrated on videos galore balance and strength issues. But she doesn't do a lot of stair climbing, walking and even standing at a podium any more. She sits in chairs for canned interviews.

If he had a ruptured aneurism for five weeks, that could be disastrous. A hemorrhagic stroke is what it would be called. He had two, between 4 and 5 months apart described at;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' > as

The spokesman, Peter Esker, said Senator Biden was awake, resting comfortably and talking with his family after the operation, his second this year to correct an aneurysm. An aneurysm is a ballooning of an artery.

This is the real kicker in the description:

The 4 1/2-hour procedure was similar to that performed Feb. 12 on the left side of Mr. Biden's brain. Under the procedure, a surgeon using a microscope pinches the aneurysm with a clip, bringing the walls of the artery together. The clip remains in the patient.

The problem is that aneurisms don't occur at the end of an artery. If the procedure used was to loop the artery and isolate the aneurism with a permanent clip, then blood flow would stop to the entire portion of the brain supplied by the rest of the artery beyond it.

That means that they changed a hemorrhagic stroke into an ischemic stroke. Once on each side of his brain. They don't elaborate om what part of the brain each operation was in, but a clip was left in place on each. Medical devices like stents and clips fail. The man's a walking 25th Amendment case.

I had a series of ischemic strokes in 2001. The first happened while I was shaving. For about half a minute, my mirror turned into a Picasso-like vision. Then it cleared up and I was able to go from Chattanooga to San Jose for a job interview. I didn't like the company's chances (a startup) and returned to my job in Massachusetts. I had another a week later that made me fall to the floor. It went away, as well. A third, a week later, affected my ability to write C++ code. I could still analyze it for bugs and fix them, but couldn't originate it. I had to write code in Assembler and convert it to C++ for the next 11 years. I still take a mild dose of Diazepam for the balance issue I have from the middle one.

His, in my opinion, are a much bigger risk than mine ever were. Because his can come back even worse if either or both clips fail.

Sure then lets start questioning Trump's health. Lets see he is only what 4 years younger than Biden, eats a lot of non healthy food like McDonalds, is overweight, drinks a lot of soda, does not exercise & is showing signs of dementia as he keeps confusing oranges with origins.
Biden is healthy, not overweight, is mental alert.
I know lets have Trump & Biden square off & see who lasts the longest doing a physical course. You know like bicycling, running, lifting heavy stuff etc then we can top it off with a mental test because that is just as important as being physical healthy.