Watch–George Will: America Needs ‘As Much Immigration as Economy Can Take’


I think it's too late. Whites don't reproduce (even in Europe) to maintain their population. Hispanics (and maybe Asians and blacks) have many more kids per couple. And, Europeans really don't have a big need to come to the US. Europe isn't that bad off (compared to central America or Syria or some African countries for example). Even if we got rid of the Hart Cellar Act, I think it's too late. Whites are most likely doomed UNLESS we can produce or create a white only nation or region OR eliminate forced integration (which Obama sort of did by withholding federal dollars for communities that weren't "suffciently" diverse). Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia did something similar so it wouldn't be unprecedented. Have an all white area, an all black area, an all Hispanic area and an area for people who actually want to "mix it up". All regions would be by volunteer only. Maybe a white only city or county or neighborhoo or village.