The Russia hoax is ‘the biggest lie that I’ve ever seen perpetrated on the American public,’ former Clinton pollster tells Levin


Maybe Trump baited them from the start.
In the campaign, on National TV. HE said no contacts , no business relationships. No potential business relationships.
He said it to everyone then 130 contacts were identified. That can fool you.
Russia helping him and hurting her, you naturally ask why? Putin has said they wanted Trump. And Trump, like no other US PRESIDENT, had sucked up to Putin. Denied the attack on the election. Said not Putin, the intel community. Multiple times.
That all certainly gets an opposition party paranoid.
Then, his NSA is litterally under contract as a foreign agent and getting top secret briefings.
His campaign manager just coincidentally installed Putin Puppets in foreign nations the previous 10 years. He is actively negotiating the biggest deal I his life, the Moscow Tower, during the campaign while telling the American people no contact or business dealings.
His campaign manager is giving briefings to Russian spies on Campaign strategy in battleground states, and sharing internal polling data of the Trump campaign.
Perhaps all of that was just a strategy intended to draw the Democrats in to look.
Force the FBI to look.

I am surprised The Democrat leaders keep up the façade.
They could have denounced the attempted soft coup, and the long term damage to them and the country would be manageable.
Yet,.....They are peddle to the metal in assault, scorched earth to the end
I've been trying to figure why they wouldn't be halfway smart about this.
One reason is that some of them are involved, or closely associated with others that are.
But I think the main reason is that being human, and in the middle of the highest emotion since 1865, I just don't think they are mentally capable of letting reason rule emotion.
While this is great news for Republicans, its horrible news for the country, short to medium term.
They are doing more damage than any foe in the world at this moment.
Every good thing the president does is twisted, and lied, and spun until they believe their own lies.
Other countries see this and try to take advantage of the hostile Democrats.
2020 is the second most important election in our lifetime
The world has been at relative peace since WW2 because of the strength of USA
We must protect the country, and the world from any enemy
I encourage Republicans to spread out to every platform you see, and fight the lies, and the enemy.
The world depends on us.

I think the media did a fair job of reporting on "Mr Trump’s problematic behavior, unethical decisions & actions" - there are was just so many, so people have become overloaded and apathetic.
I agree that topic is talked about too much, but it is everyone's fault, not just the media - and as long as people tune in for it, they really don't have any choice but to give the public what it demands.

Personally I'm sick of the Democrats whining about Trump 24/7, no matter how much I agree with it, but I'm equally sick of the Republicans hypocrisy, fake outrage and BS claims of coups and "Russian hoaxes", especially after the way they treated President Obama for 8 years