Trump's new approach on legal immigration: Only the privileged need apply


Do you have a better economic system to recommend? Profit is the reason the world seeks to move to the US. It's easy living here. It doesn't take much. Live at home, attend a JC, transfer to a state college to earn a practical degree. Get a good job. Start building wealth via 401(k) on your first paycheck. This is true especially today. Stock market at or near peak, your home's value at a peak. Unemployment at rock bottom. Interest rates extremely low. It doesn't get any better than this. These are the "good old days" you'' be talking about decades from now.

Most countries have ethnic or racial preferences. You think a bunch of Africans could immigrate to Japan? I naturally would prefer only European whites immigrate here.
Mexican Immigration Policy through the years.
1917 - Shorter naturalization times for Latin Americans
1921 - restricts Chinese immigration
1923 - excludes Indians
1924 - excludes blacks
1926 - excludes gypsies
1926 - Exclusion of those who "constitute a danger of physical degeneration for our race"
1927 - Exclusion of Palestinians, Arabs, Syrians, Lebanese, Armenians and Turks
1929 - Confidential circular excludes Poles and Russians
1931 - Confidential circular excludes Hungarians
1933 - Exclusion or restrictions of blacks, Malays, Indians, the 'yellow race' (East Asians, except Japanese), Soviets, gypsies, Poles, Lithuanians, Czechs, Slovacks, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Armenians, Arabs and Turks
1934 - Exclusion or restrictions extended to Aboriginals, Latvians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Persians, Yugoslavs, Greeks, Albanians, Afghans, Ethiopians, Algerians, Egyptians, Moroccans and Jews.
1939 - Shorter naturalization times for Spaniards
1947 - promotes a preference for "assimilable" foreigners
1993 - Shorter naturalization times for Portuguese (granted to Latin Americans and Iberians due to historical and cultural connections
Source: FitzGerald, David Scott; Cook-Martín, David (2014). Culling the Masses. Harvard University Press.

Liberals wants uneducated migrants from sh*thole countries so they can use them as the next marginalized soapbox. They will claim that the unskilled workers from sh*thole countries(sorry I am using the language from the article) will bring in small businesses and trade, when it will actually bring in welfare.
Conservatives want educated migrants from productive countries so they can add to our countries skills and trade. They want to expand our economy and see everyone benefit.

btw... sh*thole countries would be any nation where the leaders of such nation are corrupt as f^ck and leave their people to live in home made wooden sheds and eat out of the sewers.

New approach?..... This has pretty clearly been his stance from the gitgo... He wants to make immigration to the US "pay", it is a tact that he has been using as a business model in his companies for decades. He just wants to upscale that to the federal immigration level.

Trump has no issues with immigration, he just wants to be able to make "more money" off of it by clamping down on the free immigration that costs nothing. It is hard to charge for something that hundreds of thousands a year manage to get for free by simply walking across our southern border.