'The Return of Dean,' or another sign that they got nothing on Trump



A pre-occupation by a political Party in Congress with the removal of political opposition, is not the charter of governance, unless there is evidence on the table which demands it.

There is no evidence on the table. Three Congressional investigations, a Special Counsel investigation, nine investigations by the SDNY A. G.'s office and one by the I.G., have all failed to find a single crime by the President or his administration. That's a total of 14 investigations in just over two years. Trump must be the cleanest President on record.

The Democrats know that our President is innocent, so why do they persist with this charade? To inculcate the minds of the very stupid, the very uninformed and the completely ignorant that there is a crime somewhere and to keep that belief alive until 2020 election day.

A sad indictment of the policy platform of the Democrat Party, unable to sell its policies to the public, thus compelled to resort to Chicago-style mafioso bullying to win an election. So sad.

Which are now all falling apart because evidence is surfacing that Mueller's Report misrepresented conversations, editing evidence to give the impression of obstruction. John Dowd's conversation for one, now shown to have been doctored by Mueller.

Evidence also withheld by Mueller, concerning the so-claimed "Russian Spy", Kilimnick, working for Manafort, who it now turns out was actually a U.S. asset working for the State Department. As a consequence, Bill Barr has now ordered that all of the evidence which Mueller relied upon, be produced for Barr to examine.

I reckon we're gonna see a lot more "doctoring" done by Mueller, a dirty cop, through and through. His history in the Whitey Bulger case already showed that.

Mueller charged Flynn with making a "false statement" to the FBI regarding contact with a Russian Ambassador to the United States in December 2016, AFTER Trump was ELECTED President; that came AFTER months of being FALSELY and publicly accused of "treason" and outrageous acts by Democrats to destroy his long service to this country.

The transition contact all had to do with the UN Vote pertaining to Israel settlements and was contrary to Obama's position on Israel and HIS interference with Israel's election to OUST Netanyahu. (the pot calling the kettle black, no doubt) Barry was a sore loser.

Dean is a convicted Felon and Liar, but Democrats are okay with lying, if it's them doing it. 13 Investigations and millions of dollars and all you got is one guy making a false statement of an incident he forgot.

John Dowd's conversation for one, now shown to have been doctored by Mueller.

Who conned you into thinking that the stuttering Dowd transcript was "doctored"? Do you even know what was edited out of the transcript? I doubt that you do.

as far as Kilimnick goes these are the same accusations that were brought out in the Manafort trial. What was discussed was Kilimnick had interactions at a bar with State Department officials. You are only now hearing about it because yoru blogger buddies are only NOW getting around to making shit up about it by saying bar conversations are the same as being employed by the State Department. You kids are about 4 months behind the rest of us. You may want to catch up.

Bottom line, there is nothing to show that any of the instances of obstruction are bullshit or that fall apart outside of repeating what a couple of yoru blogger buddies are telling you.