Daytime naps once or twice a week may be linked to a healthy heart, researchers say

Some good news for nap fanatics -- a new study has found that a daytime nap taken once or twice a week could lower the risk of heart attacks or strokes.


Sleep, naps, whatever...this nonsense of “studies say” or “researchers say” mean squat because what study or research are you referring to?

When was the last time anyone here read an article from CNN or any MSM outlet that provided a source for ANY study or source other than anonymous or anything that could be verified. In the last several years, not many.

Then these sourceless and nameless nonsense goes on to the view, is resurrected as fact and with zero facts lol.

At some point this bubble is gonna burst, Cuomos are like a dyke and gonna burst, again and again because he cant source anything he talks about, AC is gonna DC himself and that never ends well and then reality will hit..

Trump said he would eliminate his competition with the over dozen seasoned politicians and he did and he made it very clear he would take the media down for their lies and thats what the MSM is missing. Hes actually doing that and has since day one.

Yet another promise he has kept.