Woman, girl injured after fight between parents leads to shooting at youth football game in Texas

The woman suffered a gunshot wound in the leg and the girl was grazed in the back by a bullet, a police spokesman says. They were taken to a local hospital and their injuries appear non-life threatening.



For fu#k sake, only in America do parents take guns to their child's sporting events. Who the F#UK needs a gun to watch your child play football!!! These people are emotionally weak, they have no emotional control of any kind. They lose their minds, lose their tempers for the slightest reasons, most often imagined insults, and they are so weak and pathetic that their response for anyone disagreeing with them is to pull out a fu#king gun and shoot them. Anyone that weak and bad tempered should have their guns taken away and their permit to own one burned. They clearly cannot be trusted with any weapon, but there is no doubt at all that this maniac will get a fine and then have their guns handed back to them. It is insanity, it is a collective mental illness of some kind that infects millions.

What is it with these parents becoming violent at youth athletics?? It's like...parent "Sport's Rage". Right now, an average 15% of parents at youth sporting events "step over the line." So, Is something getting slipped into the Gatorade..?? The question remains, is sports rage a growing trend or not? The answer is, "no one knows." Too often, professional sporting events have become venues for aggressive, bottle-throwing fans, who vent their frustration at officials and players...but even more disturbing is the attitude of some team owners and management who seem to condone this behavior. Now, it's spilling over into the kid's games. Soon the kids will be playing behind chicken wire....and the real adults will have changed places....

Just "throwing" a few facts & implications out there. 1.) The largest number of militant, right-wing-extremist, white supremacist, homegrown terrorists in the USA are in Texas. Partially because TX is the largest state. But also because Conceal Carry Laws are more diverse than the diversity of ethnic communities. Who are threatened by TX's militant groups. 2.) Texas as a state is "considered" RED. However in reality it is more likely "purple." As one of the few Red States with a diverse ethnic population AND one of the best & most affordable healthcare systems in the country. It's Gun Rights Laws are also quite ironic in that TX is ranked 39th with the strongest Gun Control Laws. Ironic because with all the militant right-wing-extremists, & number of guns belonging to "law abiding citizens;" but especially the (recent) rise in shooting/killing sprees in TX, the implication is that Texas' gun control laws would be much weaker in the bottom 10 (40-50). Then again TX is 39th. "Finally," 3.) Parents at a PEEWEE league football game are willing to brandish weapons & exchange gunfire...That they aren't willing to exchange with terrorists at the Walmart? Really...