Muslim-American mayor says border agents asked him if he met with terrorists after trip to Turkey

Mohamed Khairullah, the mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey, since 2005, says US Customs and Border Protection agents pulled him aside and detained him for three hours after he and his family got off the plane


As Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah former student 8 years ago, and current employee, this really upsets me. This was uncalled for and quite frankly embarrassing for a family man who has given nothing but his all the past 18 plus years as an elected official, humanitarian, and volunteer firefighter. I mean for heaven’s sakes this man goes to an area for humanitarian purposes, refugee camps in Bangladesh, building underground hospitals, supporting education and relief missions, he does this on top of being Mayor, and he is embarrassed at the airport in front of his children and wife. His infant received the highest status to be checked.

Oh, I'm CERTAIN, as a GOOD AMERICAN CITIZEN, he and his family will understand that the officials at the airport have a very important job to do and the mayor and his family were not harmed in any way--
And I'm CERTAIN THAT AS A GOOD AMERICAN CITIZEN that supports law and order in these United States, he will be in full support of their doing a thorough job!
If not.... then perhaps he really doesnt want to see Americans safe from terrorism ...and maybe then he should voluntarily be removed from office and the United States also...

We are Canadians who own a home and business in Palm Springs. Every time we fly to the US, we are detained because my husband was charged with pot possession when he was 20. ( a very tiny amount). 5 years later the Canadian government cleaned that charge off of his record, yet we are sent into an interrogation room where border security bark questions at us, scan our bodies and carry-on luggage for at least 20-30 minutes EVERYTIME we enter the US. Neither of us have had anything more than a speeding ticket all of these years. What's interesting is that pot is legal up here now. We pay $500.00 every 2 years for a 'waiver' that gives us permission to enter the US. Considering that we spend a LOT of money while we are in the US, we wonder if this is at all worth it.

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Separate, so-called home grown Christians committed acts of terror in Oklahoma City and on a church in South Carolina, but name a foreign national Christian that has made his way to the US for such criminal activity. Yet we all know that the 9/11 high-jackers and the wife of the San Bernardino shooter were radical Islamic sympathizers and foreign nationals allowed into this nation legally. Teddy Roosevelt once said it's an outrage to discriminate against people based solely on their origin or heritage, but he also spoke of a loyalty to America and our people. Rather this incident falls within suitable guidelines remains to be seen, but make no mistake that some profiling is a fact of life.

I can surely see that we have a lot of liberals here that needs to watch people jumping out of the World Trade Center to their deaths again. I think you need to be reminded people. Those that crash don't airplanes and the World Trade Center were loved by the people in their neighborhood. They were always having block parties and cooking grilling steaks. You want to keep your enemies very close to you so you can keep an eye on them.
There is a lot of wonderful Muslim people that does not go into terrorism. I feel sorry for those people but we got to keep an eye on the Muslim population because even if there's two or 3% of their population that wants to do harm for us how many men on 9/11 was able to get together and do what they did? It'll do you good liberals start watching those tapes of people jumping to their deaths. You need a little reminder here once in a while and that's why we're here to remind you.