Italy region will pay you $27,000 to move there

The region of Molise, a wild, beautiful but overlooked area that lies east of Rome, has announced it will pay people more than $27,000 to settle in one of 106 underpopulated villages in an effort to prevent their communities from dying.


It's more than what meets the eyes.

When the young generation of the soil are living the town for greener pasture. It means there is a problem with the town.

On the street of Italy there are many jobless and homeless people roaming the street. Let them start the offering with them. Also, give the offer to the refugees who in reality had to move from their pressure zones due to unhealthy situations; they need it more. Settle these set of people first and provide the opportunity to them to start a new life.

When this is achieved. I believe this initiative will make more sense and trustworthy. Then, the outside people you are offering this opportunity will be more convinced, before they will be willing to make your-brain-drain-exploitation-policy work.

The world is wiser; you can't use a beautiful scenery and stories to migrate people to your land by promising them an opportunity of revamping economic, money, religion, beaches, lakes and $1 house and expect exodus movement. People are learning sense!

Revamping a rejected town starts within the land. What have you done to bring back the fleeing youths, so as to encourage outsiders to come without suspicions tendencies?

Re-strategise the looking-good initiate to include modern tenets of resuscitation of settlement; to contain transparency, accountability and sincerity of purpose.

The world is a global village. People see beyond the borders and unveil the true narrative behind cloudy initiatives.