Alaska just had the most ridiculous summer. That's a red flag for the planet.

On the 4th of July, Anchorage was hotter than Key West. And there are the smoky skies, dripping glaciers, and dead salmon. But scientists also worry about the changes that are harder to see.



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You morons realize alaska was green and iceless once? 3 million years ago in the last great thaw before it froze again because the entire history of earth is freezing and thawing no different now than always. The last great thaw had higher c02, higher sea levels, hotter global temperatures by 3 to 5c. And no humans. Man made climate change is a hoax dependant on the masses being too uneducated and willfully ignorant to ignore a billion years worth of freezing and thawing. In a thousand years the hoaxers are gonna be crying about the ice age, then a couple thousand years later crying about the thaw. The alarmist panic was wrong when it was global cooling, wrong when they changed it to global warming, and wrong now that the scam is man made climate change