Not everybody wants thoughts and prayers after a disaster, according to a study of hurricane survivors

A new study shows that while Christians value it, nonreligious people do not want your thoughts and prayers in the wake of a tragic event


You can’t blame the people for not wanting thoughts and prayers.

It’s a 50 50 loaded discussion.

I remember all the thoughts and prayers I received when I was taking care of my Mother.

Heck I used to say the same thing.
Then a friend brought the point up that thoughts and prayers are just a way to say you’re in your own.

Especially when it’s gun violence. Because it keeps happening.

So now I think before I send out my thoughts and prayers.

Just a different way of looking at it.

When people don't know what else to say or do, or feel helpless because they can't help, they send positive thoughts and prayers. Meaning they will think positively and send good vibes and energy. If 100s of thousands collectively send positive energy and focus on it at the same time, they may be able to change the outcome. It's the same explanation using the law of attraction. Don't be dicks. You don't want the world to stop sending their thoughts and prayers and good energy...what a lonely world that would be! Now with that being said, I am more of an action person myself! But I would never shun someone that was sending me positive thoughts!

There are more and more that are putting down those that offer thoughts and prayers, not realizing that it was never meant to actually fix a problem, but just good people's way of offering moral support and empathy...even sympathy. For those of you that feel that "thoughts and prayers" are not cutting it, I would argue that it's far better than people telling you to "f**k off and you get what you deserve. Tell me something, if someone offers you thoughts and prayers at your loved one's funeral, do you tell them their words are meaningless and that you don't want them?

For some they may want to help but for some reason can't. They can't afford to donate, can't travel for different reasons, etc. For those people prayer may be the only way they feel they can contribute and it isn't fair to call them lazy. I barely scrape by on $1300 a month right now and traveling would be an additional cost. Because I'm a graduate student time is also limited, but if I can act or give I do. Prayer should not be in the place of action if it is possible, yes, but it is better than not caring enough to do anything.

>A new study shows that while Christians value it, nonreligious people do not want your 'thoughts and prayers' in the wake of a tragic event< (CNN. Sept 17, 2019)

This is a free and democratic world they live in!
If people were free to hate faith in the Almighty,
Others are equally free to express their hearts beliefs!...

Its just sordid, if the LGBTs were given liberty to fight for their desires, why must we suppress others who express whats inside their hearts?...

And besides those are not celebration of piety, but of expressed sympathy for pains and sorrows suffered.
It only happened that how they seek life, and they have such source of emotional comforts to lean on!...

In fact that was an act of mercy, not salvation, and they were saying that addressed to themselves, and as intended to fellow believers, not to the unbelievers!...

As a Christian what I have observed is that many Christians are not Christian at all these days. I definitely like the love of Jesus in their hearts. I think they lack the entire fundamental knowledge on who Jesus was! Many of The same Christians that are sending there “thoughts and prayers“ are the same ones that are trying to discriminate against LBGTQ and take away women’s reproduction rights! No thanks!!

For my forced birth “Christians” - there is 0% support for force birth oppression in the Bible. In fact it’s quite the opposite.
Abortion in the Bible: God makes it clear that a fetus does not have a right to life.
Numbers 5:11-31 New International Version
God tells Moses how to induce a miscarriage (intentional miscarriage = abortion) and render her infertile if she is guilty.

Ummm pretty sure it's not just atheists and agnostics who are sick of that retort to every horrible event to happen. (Especially in instances of needless mass shootings, you know, something we could actually do something about) It's over used and has lost any meaning. Just something people say to make themselves feel better in the face of a tragedy that hasn't had any real impact on them, a bland response that says nothing more then, I am aware that you are dealing with a suffering of sorts. I am sure most people who are trying to survive through these horrific hardships like natural disasters, disease or the never ending mass shootings in the U.S. would rather see people/organizations come together to actually help them through the event or in cases like mass shootings, CHANGE the laws. But you know, keep sending your thoughts and prayers from the safety of your couch thinking none of this will ever effect you.

For believes in God, thoughts and prayers are petitions for God’s love and mercy, especially those who cannot help physically because of distance.
For non-believers, they do not see that thoughts and prayers are effective. When bad things happen, there is no God; but when good things happen as a result of helpfulness and compassion, it’s the work of man.
God’s wisdom is not the same as man’s wisdom. We cannot even figure it out how did we come into this world? Science says, we are all atoms, but how come an unintelligent almost a ghost atoms makes the universe livable with all the good things, and make a creature who can think, remember and plan for the future—the things not verifiable by science.
Other minds, moral truths, mathematics, abstract objects cannot be proven with science, yet most people, including atheists, agree they exist.
Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.

Antipsalm 23...
I’m on my own. No one looks out for me or protects me. I experience a continual sense of need. Nothing’s quite right. I’m always restless. I’m easily frustrated and often disappointed. It’s a jungle — I feel overwhelmed. It’s a desert — I’m thirsty. My soul feels broken, twisted, and stuck. I can’t fix myself. I stumble down some dark paths. Still, I insist: I want to do what I want, when I want, how I want. But life’s confusing. Why don’t things ever really work out? I’m haunted by emptiness and futility — shadows of death. I fear the big hurt and final loss. Death is waiting for me at the end of every road, but I’d rather not think about that. I spend my life protecting myself. Bad things can happen. I find no lasting comfort. I’m alone … facing everything that could hurt me. Are my friends really friends? Other people use me for their own ends. I can’t really trust anyone. No one has my back. No one is really for me — except me. And I’m so much all about ME, sometimes it’s sickening. I belong to no one except myself. My cup is never quite full enough. I’m left empty. Disappointment follows me all the days of my life. Will I just be obliterated into nothingness? Will I be alone forever, homeless, free-falling into void? Sartre said, “Hell is other people.” I have to add, “Hell is also myself.” It’s a living death, and then I die.
Sorry! but I'll take the original Psalm 23 anyday

10ºI would never offer “thoughts and prayers” to someone dealing with difficulties or tragedy. I would offer whatever might bring about some sort of help or healing (the Ancient Greek is the root of our word “therapy”; the Latin is the root of our word “salvation”). So as a Christian the actual healing and return to well-being is Jesus’ job, but it’s through our love and care for someone that such things happen. Listening is more conducive to healing than instructing; mercy given can be joy received. The right thing to do can rattle the brain, and could easily be help get the floodwaters out of the house. I did that a lot when I was a teenager.