Oil prices rise following attack on world's largest processing plant

5.7 million barrels a day of crude oil and gas production have been affected by attacks on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, according to the Saudi Energy Minister



No need to thank us #Deplorables. Yes, the USA is now energy independent under the brilliant President Trump. Now, when these overseas skirmishes happen, we have control over our oil prices. I'm not going to say "I told you do" because this POTUS is creating RESULTS that put #AmericaFirst.
The true American Patriots will faithfully support any POTUS that puts #AmericaFirst. President Trump is that man today. Through his trials, tribulations, successes and failures, we know his heart and soul is in the right place.
You constantly attack his flaws like the past and present actions of a POTUS should be perfect. You Demodopes. That's impossible!! President Trump has flaws. However, the majority of America that voted for him GIVES HIM A PASS because of everything he's doing to MAKE AMERICA GREAT by putting its CITIZENS first.
Loser channels like CNN Communist News Network should be thanking President Trump for giving them the fodder to report on. President Trump is the MOST EXCITING POTUS in history!!
Campusreform.org has interviewed students and one student's answer really stood out to me. He said, "Conservatives try to solve problems with MORE FREEDOMS, not less freedoms as the Liberals would have it."
I'm constantly asking the Demopuppets to brag to us how the DemodestroyUSA party has so many POSITIVE plans for the CITIZENS of the USA. I never get any positive responses. Ponder that for awhile. We already know the Demohater politicians play the Demoracebaiting and Demoidentity politics game because they have NOT ONE GOOD IDEA to move the USA FORWARD.
Politicians are ELECTED into office and take an OATH TO PROTECT AMERICA and its CITIZENS. Everything the DemodestroyUSA party proposes is anything but!! Their ideas are NOT progressive, but REGRESSIVE.
I'm constantly bragging about our brilliant POTUS and our numerous achievements. I really want to give you Demotrolls a chance to sell us why we should vote Democrat next time. Seriously, we do not even need your (Demobrainwash) votes to reelect President Trump. We also wonder why everyone says our president is constantly telling us lies. Maybe somebody is brave enough to tell us what he is lying about? But as usual, nobody will have a valid response.
Meathead sanctuary state/high tax politicians are running out the middle class to states that HELPED get President Trump elected. All they're doing is chasing middle class to states that will continue to vote for a Patriotic POTUS. This DOESN'T HELP THEIR CAUSE. Don't forget, we don't need California and New York to win. Hence, they're too ignorant to see this.
You Demodopes think liberty is giving the gov't control over your lives. You don't want responsibility or to be accountable for your choices.
Now, wipe your tears, put down the Kleenex, and think without letting your emotions interfere. Time for you to make RESPONSIBLE decisions that put your Country first. Do it for your kids' future.
The DemodivideUSA party are trying to reshape our Country. They are trying to get you to believe that the Constitution is evil. They're trying to convince you that the police and law and order are evil. The majority of America that voted for President Trump are SUPPORTERS of YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. You should be too. Don't forget what our Veterans fought/died for. They died for AMERICA, not Mexico. They fought for America's values and customs. With the Demosegregation party doing this, THEY ARE THE ONES SEWING HATRED AND DIVISION. President Trump is unifying under an "America First" and Constitution premise. Ask yourselves what premise the Demopowerhungry party stands behind.