Pentagon halts plans to build extra 20 miles of border wall, citing insufficient funds

The Defense Department has decided not to proceed with three border wall projects in California and Arizona, citing "insufficient contract savings," according to a court filing.


MABA is in full swing.


Yes folks you bearing witness how señor Trump ran his many failed companies into the ground and bankruptcy.

Now he’s running America into the red.

The warning about a recession this is one of the many ways we going to end up there.

NO Board of Directors or investors would ever put this man in charge of their finances or corporation.

What have we done?

King of debt & bankruptcy....

Why not cut the budget for education, mental health and police. Cause with a wall there wouldnt need to be security, without an education more people would be ellegible to start picking fruits and people could start giving them a mexican wage to keep the prices of goods low. Mental health is not important, have you ever seen those people with down syndrome picking fruit? They are so good at it and dont complain when you only give them a sandwich a day as a salary. And if there are less jobs than people seeking jobs, just make it easier for anyone to acquire a gun to keep the population down.

Love how people say that if you don't what the wall your in favor of destroying our country..... have you ever read history? The Great Wall of China comes to mind for starters. Then 100's of ancient castles in Europe that had their walls breached. Then in the War to End all Wars (WW1) they dug massive trenches and huge barbwired no man lands. Then in the Second War to End All Wars countries built long fortresses to stop intruders. So many on fact that they are still rusting and corroding in the woods in France and Germany. Why do we think a wall is going to end our problems? They have not worked all through history. In fact the false sense of security they give has hastened the fall of the nation that built them. Even China's great wall did nothing but slow the countries growth. So all you conspiracy nuts can think about your wall and your police state you wish to create.

What I want to see if that border wall completed.
I don't care how we do it but I would like us to use the confiscated money by the drug cartel. I don't understand why we won't do that pit but we need the wall. Now you don't hear these days from the mainstream media a couple things. You don't hear it anymore that this is a manufactured crisis. It's obvious it is not a manufactured crisis. Fact is there's an investigation going on right now on who was encouraging these people to come to America to cross the border. People like George Soros. Or why would so many members of Congress going to Mexico? Here's the other thing you don't hear or see from the mainstream media anymore. Children in cages. Because those children in cages was under the Obama Administration not the Trump Administration. That's been proven and the mainstream media got yourself in trouble hot water over that. We need that wall people.

A wall is a complete and total waste, IF Trump appropriates any of the "wall" money to a wall rather than his own pockets.

The cartels spend about a million on one tunnel and can traffic over a billion in contraband in about a week.

The majority of illegal narcotics come through our ports of entry and 62% of illegal immigrants legally obtained visas and have overstayed them. Hell, Trump himself imports about 1,000 foreign workers every year to work in his resorts.

A wall does nothing to address any of these more pressing issues.

The wall serves no purpose other then to make Trumps racist/nationalist base feel all warm and fuzzy.

After trump drawing the line on a national weather map with a sharpie and putting danger where there was no danger, is a clear indication of his mental and emotional instability. He is like a 6 year old lying to his teacher so he doesn't feel insecure around the people around him because of huge immature behaviours. This is of great concern for a man in his position. This is a chronic situation. Is that not against the law to falsify national weather reports to the public and creating a total unnecessary evacuation, put mental and emotional stress on the public and gouging huge funds for this process? trump's sister is a retired federal judge. Is she telling him what he can get away with legally? His grandfather was a pimp and his father an embezzler. Get trump out of office. A book "The Dangerous Case of Donal Trump" was written about him by top 38 psychiatrists and mental health experts and a video on the dangers his mental state and his behaviour to the public. He cannot make sound decisions free of impulsivity, recklessness, paranoia, and false beliefs. It is predicated that trump will grow worse under the pressures and powers of presidency.