Elizabeth Warren promises to take populism to the White House in New York City speech

In her speech, Warren described President Trump as “corruption in the flesh”



CNN needs to be honest with America about their picking and choosing small parts of demographics to push their candidates.
Bernie has higher numbers in full polls so they used 50+ polls to pretend Biden was ahead.. He is NOT ahead at all.. Bernie will be the only chance to beat trump and they need to stop their agenda before they all screw america along side the dnc.. people must find information on their own or we will have 4 more years of a tyrannical president trump!

The election ended during the first debate. Two things were clear: 1. They all raised their hand to give illegal immigrants free health insurance 2. They all promoted a government take over for health insurance for everyone. There are approximately 180-200 million people in this country who have health insurance paid by their employer that also covers their family. I suggest to do the math. Those people do not want the government insurance and then have their taxes increase. They will vote against the person proposing it. Approximately 125M voted in the 2016 election. The people voting in 2020 against medicare for all will blow the roof off of the ballot boxes.

Warren knows just the right buttons to push to capture public attention. It can be summed up: 1) let’s get the big guys, 2) the rich will pay for every thing - the Robin Hood plan, 3) promise all things free, 4) Vilify Trump. Warren knows that promising Heaven on earth is very appealing and continues to avoid saying how she would pay for it because it will take your whole paycheck to cover any one of her freebie plans. So she goes off on her rant let’s not talk about what we can’t do let’s talk about what we can do

Jeff Bezos can't pass law garnishing your paycheck, confiscate your property or even detain you at work. Only gov enjoys that sort of fiat and all the while representatives like Warren who get rich off of government affluence want to blame the Bezos crowd for bad law and her solution, more congressional power over our lives and money. I would never vote for a candidate who thinks she has to play to the "stupidity of the American people" to get a bill passed, at least that is what ACA architect Johnathon Gruber testified to and Warren supported that bill.

Many many false promises from Warren and Bernie they have no way to pay for without doubling taxes and driving huge numbers of very rich people and big corporations out of the country. Neither Sanders nor Bernie are really electable. Both are far left socialists which is what Trump dreams of running against, socialism - communism - angry mobs, feminazis, that's his target. If we give him such a nominee to run against he will probably beat them, or like Hillary, make it very close then steal it with Putin's hackers. That is why Biden is the only pone to unite behiond from left to center right. Biden can then win 65% and 40 states and put an end to this Trump-Putin nightmare.

Elizabeth Warren is a fraud. There is no dispute that Warren claimed at the University of Pennsylvania, and then Harvard, that she is "Native American" She made the phony claims for the purpose of advancing her own career, which allowed her to earn lucrative salaries at universities. Warren also once during an appearance on CNN “Starting Point” stated "I’m proud of my Native American heritage” Warren also listed her race as "American Indian" on her 1986 Texas State Bar registration card. So on the TX registration card, she intentionally, in her own handwriting, claimed to be Native American, which she is not.

Common Sense

Jerry Pascale

Yet among all the Democratic taxers and takers, no one would hit retirees harder than Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Her “Accountable Capitalism Act” would wipe out the single greatest legal protection retirees currently enjoy—the requirement that corporate executives and fund managers act as fiduciaries on investors’ behalf. To prevent union bosses, money managers or politicians from raiding pension funds, the 1974 Employee Retirement Income Security Act requires that a fiduciary shall manage a plan “solely in the interest of the participants and beneficiaries . . . for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to participants and their beneficiaries.” The Securities and Exchange Commission imposes similar requirements on investment advisers, and state laws impose fiduciary responsibility on state-chartered corporations.

Sen. Warren would blow up these fiduciary-duty protections by rewriting the charter for every corporation with gross receipts of more than $1 billion. Every corporation, proprietorship, partnership and limited-liability company of that size would be forced to enroll as a federal corporation under a new set of rules. Under this new Warren charter, companies currently dedicated to their shareholders’ interest would be reordered to serve the interests of numerous new “stakeholders,” including “the workforce,” “the community,” “customers,” “the local and global environment” and “community and societal factors.”

At least #Yang2020 has not falsified his heritage. The man is respectable and offers solutions to everyday changes. Have you seen department stores closing in your area? Yes. Do you hear an automated voice on your phone when you call customer service? Yes. These are some of the most common jobs in America. If I recall, EW got asked a question about taxing the middle-class and she never answered. She just repeated her previous statement. To Yang’s point, Americans no longer trust career politicians to solve their problems.

Check out my website http://www.SAForYang.com especially if you are someone unfamiliar with UBI
We have quite a few ghost malls here in San Antonio as well, and I expect that there will be many more cashiers and retail workers on the job market over the next few years as everything transitions to online. https://saforyang.com/what-is-ubi%3F

Cashiers, retail workers, waitstaff are some of the most common jobs in America and they are disappearing too quickly to be replaced.