Billionaires are bashing Elizabeth Warren's plan to fix America's inequality problem

Even billionaires that have acknowledged that the system needs to be fixed are critical of Elizabeth Warren's aggressive plans to level the playing field for the American economy


"Americans do not resent great wealth, as long as it was not achieved through cheating and stealing," Sonnenfeld said.

I don’t think this is true. I imagine the majority resent it, especially those trying their hardest to house and feed a family and/or survive on what their one, two, or three jobs bring in. Very few have sympathy for billionaires who might have to pay taxes they’ve been able to avoid due their money and connections. The greed of these billionaires is astounding.

At some point people change their view on wealth from “good for you” to “you really don’t need that much” and expect them to at least pay a fair share of taxes if they don’t voluntarily donate.

I don't care what Billionaires think or how they feel. Most Americans aren't buying the Warren-Bernie bait and switch scams. It's the small faction that could f*ck it all up again. If Warren or Bernie somehow get the nomination, trump will be guaranteed another term. It's almost like that is their goal. These ridiculous plans like raising everyone's taxes to pay for a faction of the millennials college debt without addressing the costs of education and restructuring the student loans is just feeding the money pit. The idea of everyone being forced into a Government run VA like system for 350 million people, plus all undocumented immigrants, plus eliminating 1/5 of our economy, at least 2 million jobs lost, losing the private sector of our healthcare system, tanking the healthcare stocks that fuel so many pensions and 401k's is just irresponsible and absurd. There's so much wrong with their reasoning. The problem with the fake populists both trump and the far left is that they use slogans and soundbites and use propaganda to fool the gullible simpletons. It doesn't take but 70,000 votes from 3 swing states to throw another election to trump. God help us if Biden doesn't win our nomination. He is our only hope for a future Democracy.

Elizabeth Warren, your ideas must be well planned and address all of the variables before promising instant healthcare for all. Many of the rich elite do give substantially to their communities and causes. I can see promising 1 free basic annual examination including x-rays of lungs, ECG, blood work. The annual check up can save medical costs to Americans by finding issues in the early stages that can be treated with less monies than if not found until it's affected other health issues and more.

Yes, Donald Trump has been extremely generous with the rich so his family and Trump companies can take advantage of next to no income taxes while in office and yes large tax rebates for previous years before elected. I don't know how Donald is going to balance the extreme spending, security costs for such a large family that travels so frequently, building a wall that failed within a month, the many trips to the Trump owned golf courses world wide and so much more to the decreased revenue in the tax reform. Also, the extensive rebates that was paid on income from previous years. These rebates have been already given to the rich. This is monies given to the rich that has to come from somewhere, not sure what funds it was taken from. This was given to the rich, medium to large businesses and some of the companies that received these monies then ended up closing their doors, going bankrupt, not honoring long term pensions and more. Amazon received rebates and had a negative tax rate for one or more years. How much did Amazon make while Trump has been in office?

so let's see Joe Biden sponsored the Clinton crime bill that put black men in jail for long periods of time for petty crimes then you have Elizabeth Warren who pretended to be a Native American to financially benefit then you have Miss Harris and put an innocent black men in jail for marijuana charges and laughed about it knowing he was innocent then you have a mayor of South Bend that says it's okay to murder brown people in the Middle East and then you have one guy that used to wear a pink dress and playing a rock band who wants to take everyone's guns and the Democratic party is not working for the Russian government okay

Although I have no sympathy for the whining billionaires, they have received way to many tax breaks over the decades and this needs desperate changes, I also believe that Warren's so-called fix for our healthcare system is as bogus and unworkable as the paper it has been written on. Yes our healthcare system is broken and yes we need to take steps to correct many of its faults but this total rush into Medicare for all could easily end up in a complete disaster and fail before it even gets off the ground. Obama care, with its faults was only a starting point. We need to build on that and make improvements, not but it and start over. Medicare only pays 80% and the patient is responsible for the other 20%. If Warren, like Sanders, wants to eliminate all private insurance plans, then the only option for patients is to pay the balance of 20% out of their own pockets. That ending outcome is a loose loose situation. The deep changes that will be necessary to change our healthcare problems must be thought out carefully and instituted equally as carefully. This idea of gutting everything and starting all over again is doomed to failure. That is one of many reasons that a Sanders and Warren presidential run is highly questionable from the start. Neither will garner the votes from main stream Democrats, independents and moderate Republicans, that hate Trump, to be able to win in the 2020 election. Democrats need to choose wisely otherwise winning might be an uphill battle. Replacing a right wing extremist with a left wing extremist is not the way towards winning and may put this country into a total tailspin that it might never recover and cause a total collapse of our democracy. A vast proportion of all these voting groups will be needed to win and move our country into progress. Progress in this country is moving forward. That is not necessarily the same thing as what seems to be the push as progressive politics. They can be at times two different things. A far left agenda may never win and Democrats need to start facing that fact if they truly want to win.

What happened to our jobs?
This seems to be a question politicians are unwilling to adequately address and the reason they won’t address the root problem is because it would affect their big donors.
The answer is automation has replaced the American worker, not off shoring!
This isn’t about scaring people away from automation, as automation is the path to keeping America prosperous for everyone if addressed correctly.
Automation really started by with the steam engine when it began replacing physical energy with mechanical energy and has progressed to the point of Artificial Intelligence and robots. For example, the car companies previously employed thousands of workers and because those workers were unionized, they received good pay and benefits. Over time as automation developed, the car companies started using robots for hazardous jobs, then the robots began taking on routine jobs. Soon the companies only needed one hundred workers where they previously need a thousand or more.
The companies, income and productive increased while the working class were pushed out into menial low paying jobs. Where previously one income could support a family, it now required at least two incomes to support a family.
The next part is how do we rectify this situation? It isn’t as complicated as one might think, actually it’s fairly straight forward. Companies need to pay taxes on every robot and computer system. Previously when a person did the work, the company paid matching SS, employee benefits and salary and the worker paid SS and income taxes. With the replacement of the worker with a robot the company nolonger has those expenses, in addition employees nolonger paid as much in taxes. I recommend that companies be required to pay taxes on each computer system that has replaced a worker. Part of those taxes should go into the Social Security Trust and the remainder of the tax be applied to building new roads, bridges, and other crumbling items in America’s infrastructure.

PLEASE feel FREE to send beyond 100M dollars to the National Internal Revenue Fund with a check memo: equally share with e-bit natives of America!

Wall Street needs to know The next generation will be happy to NEVER invest in NYSE for shitting on your corporate team with INSANE corporate boss pay checks & perks! The people’s majority who claim their children as their forever & only primary equal asset beneficiaries were 100% clear they want to work every other day 10am to 10pm Monday through Sunday for $21 per hour plus 100% monthly profit sharing team dividend up to $1000 up to 10 years-$2000 up to 20 years-$3000 up to 30 years selling patent free products with a 200% manufacturing cost mark up limit for 100% corporate employee owned corporation with by one corporate female & one corporate male executive team who earns $1,000,000 per year at the corporate teams annual majority vote pleasure essential to protect FAIR capitalism, & the corporations long term SURVIVAL! They also want all former NYSE chief executive officers who made beyond 100M to liquidate wealth to gift beyond 100M to their native nations internal revenue fund to make it RIGHT! The next generation is far less willing to be a DOORMAT, and their mother & father corporate slavery survivors are FAR LESS willing to LET them!